Monday, April 9, 2007

lie down with the baby

Today, like so many days of my life, I "layed down with the baby for a little while". What this means, naturally, is that I nursed him in bed and we had a snuggle. Perhaps he slept, perhaps I did. Just a snooze. Just a little. But for wiggling, running, bucking, twirling, jumping babies and tired frazzled mamas, this is as good as it gets--as close as it gets to chillin out. Recharging. Breathing. Prolactin does a mamababy verrrrry good.

Here is my point, my question---do formula fed babies and their mamas "go lay down for a little while" together? Or is it more like maybe a rocking chair kind of thing, to FEED THE BABY, purely a matter of nutrition-impartment...or do 17 month olds even drink formula in bottles anymore? Maybe cows milk in bottles. But what if, at doctors' urging, the 17 month old babies have been switched to a big-boy cup? There is no way anyone is snuggling up in the bed with a hard plastic cup of cows where is the affection, the warmth, the intimacy for non-nurslings coming from? Blankie? Binkie? Barney????

I love "lying down with the baby for a little while". It isnt about anyone being hungry, or putting anyone to sleep. Its about love and peace and sharing and just good old mama and baby time. Pull up the quilts, tuck that baby down into the deep dark puff land, turn on XMChill, and have a nursey. Run my fingers over the fat little cheeks. Pet and smooth the shiny blond curls. Pull him in closer. Bliss.


CreepyUCMama said...

I hear you! So happy to have that with my daughter...lately I really wish I still had that relationship with my son who I stopped nursing at 5 months...don't even want to go into why, it was a nightmare....I just wish I could be closer to my boy...he always pushes me away. ...sigh...sorry I've been so absent lately.

Housefairy said...

Im sorry that this happened to you and your son. If you ever want to tell me about it, email me. I know far too many women who stopped nursing early due to lack of support, weird doctor or mother in law advice, or other setbacks. I wish I could be a lactation consultant to the universe, but sometimes moms dont even know that they will be missing out, so I know it would be really hard to help 'everybody'.
HUGS to you and I am so sorry.