Thursday, October 29, 2009

Late October

I have not written in one month!!! I SUCK!

I have been too happy, too sad, too busy, too overwhelmed, too bored....I dunno. But this is my 300th post and so I will just tell you that I have dyed my hair Nuclear Red (by special effects) and I like it. Here is a picture of my new hair, isnt it getting long?

Mostly, though, my laptop computer has been dead and there is no way to get to the old desk-n-chair with all these beebees in this teeny tiny cabin-house-thing (which i love and hate) but now Steve got it running again and I can sneek in a little internet time here and there-- phew!

I love you all I miss the blog world, I have lots to say, just need to re figure out how to STILL eek out a little me-time with five kids.