Thursday, October 29, 2009

Late October

I have not written in one month!!! I SUCK!

I have been too happy, too sad, too busy, too overwhelmed, too bored....I dunno. But this is my 300th post and so I will just tell you that I have dyed my hair Nuclear Red (by special effects) and I like it. Here is a picture of my new hair, isnt it getting long?

Mostly, though, my laptop computer has been dead and there is no way to get to the old desk-n-chair with all these beebees in this teeny tiny cabin-house-thing (which i love and hate) but now Steve got it running again and I can sneek in a little internet time here and there-- phew!

I love you all I miss the blog world, I have lots to say, just need to re figure out how to STILL eek out a little me-time with five kids.


Jill said...

We love you too Joy! Well, *I* love you, but I feel confident that I can speak for the masses! ;) I also love your fiery hair! Very sessy!

Rixa said...

Delicious! I think I like it even more than the blue hair--well, it's a tossup really. Nice to hear from you, stay busy and happy with your family and blog if you can!

Kelley said...

Ooo, the red hair with the blue flower is stunning.

I, too, am having a blogging hiatus, though not entirely by choice. I have been CRAZY busy for the past 5 weeks getting ready for a holiday boutique and I'm about to pull my hair out!

Let's talk again soon, though we may have to wait until after November 7th since I'm a little nutty until then. Miss you!

Catherine Anne said...

Love the hair

CNH said...

The hair is AWESOME! I'm so glad you posted, just to let us know you're alive and kicking. :)

CreepyUCMama said...

I LOVE it! I may steal that idea, I'm about to shave mine down to nothing to recover from the over bleaching and then unfortunate resulting frizz from razor cutting that happened earlier this year.

Come over and be girlie with me! Oh wait, you live far away, oh well, come over anyway, I'm sure we can fit 8 kids in my apartment somehow. =)