Monday, July 30, 2007

Wait! how do I take a shower?!

When you first have that first baby, and you are first home alone with that baby, and you are in more need of cleansing and refreshment than ever before in your life, most likely, this thing will hit you that you won't believ you forgot to worry about before: HOW DO I TAKE A SHOWER?

For nursing moms, whose newborns exhibit one of two choices 24/7: happily nursing or crying for milk, the idea of getting to just put it all down and on hold for 20 minutes seems an unlikely fantasy...and the realization that you cannot have a shower can make the calmest of new mommies start crying, too! The new mama is a leaky, leaky person, from the eyes to the boobs to the full body sweats to where the baby made his or her entry into this realm--you need a shower!

I would put my firstborn in her babyswing, all swaddled up, right outside the bathroom door. she would sometimes chill but mostly cry, and I just --hurried!

I would put my secondborn in his carseat/bucket thingy in the bathroom with me and my 3 year old in her highchair with something longlasting like a popsicle (couldnt trust her not to do something weird to him, had to seperate)

I would put my thirdborn in the babyswing with the now 6 year old big sis to guard him and the three year old in the highchair with a similar treat.

And with our current baby, #4 Charlie, well, ok, I really didnt get one until daddy was home. Our kids were 8, 5, 2 (super super wild 2 I might add) and newly born, and thats too much to be leavin all alone. So I smelled I guess.

Other clever ideas I have heard involve stuff that implies that you have groovy hanging around daytime pals.
Febreezing yourself might be more realistic, (and so organic, hahaha)

I'd love to hear how others did it!


Leigh said...

Wow, do I ever hear you on this one! I loved your scenarios, they made me LOL.
For me: I usually either do one of the two things to get my steamy shower in...
Wait until Girl #1 is napping and then either bring Girl #2 in with me or sit her in a bouncy seat outside the glass shower door. (lucky for me, the sound of water seems to calm her for at least 4 mins) or I try to time it for that rare 15 mins in which they are both napping.
I bring Girl #1 in with me (she loves showering with me) and do the same as mentioned above with Girl #2.
I'm anxious to see if anyone else has tips.

Trish said...

I had to wait for Daddy to come home. I should've tried Febreeze! :-)

Middle child loved the sound of water, too. He sat in the bouncy seat in the bathroom while I showered. But with 3, I just waited for hubby to appear.

Shelly said...

I either would get up before DH left for work and shower then, or I would take the baby into the shower with me. Kind of made it hard to get a thorough cleaning but it at least got rid of the smell.