Sunday, August 3, 2008


i am feeling tons better--thank you all for the good advice, but it looks like I am just going to pull through naturally. Phew!

My c-section doesn't seem to play into my days anymore--in fact I would say that I have been mothering at about 75% speed with no pain or issues-- terrific! The Doctor said 8 weeks and maybe he was right. It has only been 7 weeks...

My shoulder is coming along, and it is getting better everyday. I can move it across my body and just have to be careful.

5 years ago today I had my baby Casey at home--in fact by now, 7 pm, we were all tucked in bed eating Papa John's vegetable pizza-- I think my husband had one slice and i had SEVEN. I was hungry!!!

We had a nice day today with Casey, he got a real tool box (am I nutso?) and a skateboard. These are the things he craves--no books or clothes or playdoh for mister 5-going-on-15--but he is really happy with his Big Boy gifts and we even did something summery and "normal", we went to a small beach with another family. 2 weeks ago I couldnt "do" the grocery store and now I had a huge day at the beach and feel completely ok. i am doing some gentle ab exercises that involve not much more than "sucking it in" while standing up, but it is getting easier to do so--my side profile when I dont try to get it together is like 7 months pregnant, just from the complete lack of musculature...sigh. but I dont feel like a cracked in half Pez Dispenser anymore, not at all, and could even do stuff like change diapers while half way bent over a towel on the ground outdoors today-- could/would have NEVER just so recently!

Pics soon and big announcements...
happy birthday dear homeborn baby Casey! unlike what I am supposed to say, hell yeah it feels like 5 years. The time has NOT flown by. It actually feels like that was about 15 years ago.


Kneelingwoman said...

Well, I remember it like it was yesterday! Casey's births was very beautiful and you were amazing! Happy Birthday Casey!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday casey!!

and it sounds like your doing awesome, mama! here's it getting easier by the day.

Judit said...

Yay to birthday boy Casey!
So glad to hear about the shoulder and the fun beach day and the abs exercises. (I've been read-only for over a week, but now I'm back with a vengeance to the blog world.) Abs. Tell me about it. I felt abdominal weakness while walking, for months after pregnancy and it was just #2! What's up with that? Muscles like a cheap elastic band that stays slack after you stretch it too far? Same for my pelvic muscles. Neither would have gone back to normal on their own without strength training.
You know what's a good ab strengthener? A very modified plank pose. As in, not on the floor but against the wall, almost vertical. You can do a few against-the-wall pushups while you're at it. You can find the angle that's challenging without making you strain too much. I am 15 months post, and a regular plank still makes my core muscles burn.
Most postpartum fitness videos and websites are a joke. Anyone who is able to do those, may as well be doing their regular abs workout tape, duh. I hope you found something realistic?

Kelley said...

Yay Joy! I'm so glad to hear you are doing better. Happy birthday to Casey. Boy, I sure understand the 5-going-on-15 thing. Matt is pulling that on us right now.

I've been trying to call you. When would be a good time? I promise I won't talk for 2 hours. :)

Corin said...

Happy Birthday Casey!

And happy healing to you Joy. I'm so glad you are feeling better these days.