Friday, July 24, 2009

How did you ever shop before you knew me? ;)

Here are some fab new products I have tried lately:

Clearasil Blackhead Eraser. This is a little creepy vibrator that you velcro little soap-laden pads onto and scrub your face with. It takes like ONE treatment to have a whole new face. Its insane. I look better than when I was 25. Ok maybe 28. I guess I just needed to scrape and fry off the top layer of my face. Who knew? Under 20 bucks, any drugstore.

Axe Body Detailer. A buff-puff of sorts marketed to men. My husband got it and I quickly became obsessed with moving beyond the face to scouring off my whole body. Whats with the new cultural obsession with exfoliation and why didnt we all do this sooner? I fricking LOVE it. My wierd dry arms feel like some fake-ly soft stripper or something. See, why do I have to say stripper? Why cant I just say SOFT? Because I am not depressed anymore--you should be happy about it! Anyhow, buy this, it was like 4 bucks.

***While youre already in that aisle, get your man the Red Axe body wash. All the rest smell like some nightclub perv from 1991 but the red one smells like oh my god black pepper and sunshine and cinnamon or something...dude its yummy. Or use it on yourself, I definitely am ok with smelling like a yummy cinnamon guy now and again.

Krusteaz instant pancake mix. At Costco and Sams Club. this is not only a just-add-water pancake mix that actually tastes good, but it is cheap! You get this enormous bag that you can barely lift for like 7 bucks. The pancakes are puffy and golden and you can jazz them up with apples and cinnamon, etc. Do not be afraid to buy this, you WILL go through it all. Just add water! Do you realize that that means no matter how poor you get, you can have yummy pancakes and be this cool fun mom who does pancakes for dinner? Im just sayin'...

Also, just an all-out plug for an intensely righteous website with all things amazing and gorgeous and perfect: Who is this person and why has she tapped into my every dream of cuteness? Hooray! I am already begging for the acorn necklace---it is very difficult for me to look at this website without screaming and squealing. Just warning ya. Dont wake your baby when you see this stuff. Clasp your hand over your mouth as you run for the debit card. (Is it just me?)

Well thats all for the reviews 2-nite. Please share your own experiences with any of these or any other products, good bad or otherwise!


Jill said...

ROFL! You are so cute!

I will make a mental note about that Axe. Most Axe makes me want to axe the person wearing it. I'm glad they have a non-homicidal scent!

Michelle said...

How DID we all shop without you!

Stassja said...

Oh man you totally suck for linking that site. I WANT I WANT I WANT!

Kelley said...

Hmmm, I'll have to get that Axe stuff for Jon. I'm all abotu him smelling yummy. :)

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Intertwined said...

Oh that reminds me! I need to get back to dry body brushing. Good for the circulatory system with the side benefit that it takes all those nasty old skin cells off and put them right into the air! Kidding! Kinda.

I will NOT click on that link. Both twins are asleep. :P

Jennifer said...

I always really like your product of my favorites from the past was the Nag Champa web site. I still haven't bought the soap but I want to!

Typically I can't stand the smell of those soap thingies, but I will check that out the AXE next time I'm at the drug store. I'm a little scared to click on the link because there is so much stuff on my wish list in my head that there is not room for more! Hee hee!