Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oldy about socialization

Heres an old post about homeschooled kids and some of the fallacies surrounding the ideas of socialization. Enjoy.

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Stassja said...

Love it! My other favorite is when people say that the child will not learn how to manage disagreements with people who think differently without The School. Because kids that stay at home NEVER disagree with their parents or fight with their siblings. Never.

Or that somehow, they won't learn how to speak to anyone outside their family, or they will be completely awkward and bizarre. I'm thinking well, isn't that what you're trying to do the first five years regardless? Teach them the basics of how to behave in public? Or how to behave, period? I love ignorant statements that the speaker obviously has put zero thought into and is spewing out by rote. I was homeschooled from third grade to my high school graduation and have not regretted it for a minute. And I think all these arguments just paved the way for my eventual homebirth and the funny looks I get mentioning that. It don't phase me! ;)