Wednesday, June 2, 2010

crazy news, but the only sane thing, really.

I cannot WAIT for fall. Because my kids are going to school.
We found a charter Montessori school, K-8, that is free. I will enjoy my Eska and the peace of knowing someone else is helping me raise my kids. We will tell them in August.

This started as me needing the little boys to go, but really, they all do. Nothing could be worse than "this", their screaming and chaos is over the edge. But the school I found, 12 miles away, is actually very very nice. Child centered, wholistic, brand new, and very very kind in its approach. And if they dont like it, well, ....sorry.

Counting the days. Hope its one of those ones that starts in August, just being honest!
Greta's going in 7th
Mickey's going in 4th
Casey's going in 1st
Charlie's going in Kindergarten. We got him potty trained about 2 weeks ago. Yippee!

And Eska and I...well we might just die from peace and love and nursing and mommy and baby love :)


Olivia said...

Congrats on finding a wonderful school!

Stassja said...

That sounds wonderful! I've been fighting myself lately, wanting to get my almost 3yr old in some kind of montessori preschool. I was homeschooled and always thought that would be our path, and it could just be the circumstances with my husband being gone and me being ALONE with the two of them, utterly...I dunno. I want to, I don't, should I lvea him, I know he'll love love love it, is it right to keep him home just because that's what I've been saying and would be my ideal, but maybe it isn't my ideal and blargh.

I have a few months to decide and there's moey to play a role, but as long as Anthony is 95% absent thanks to the navy (at least another year and a half, maybe longer) it's just not working.

I hope the school works for everyone, it sounds fabulous!

Rixa said...

Sounds like a great place for your kids! You're lucky to have a free option available. Here, we have 1 mediocre public school and that's it. Bleh. I'd really love to have charter options, and I love the montessori approach.

Kelley said...

Joy, you've gotta do what you've gotta do. I totally understand that sometimes situations change drastically, and you have to change with them. This sounds like a great option. I sincerely hope it is a wonderful as you're hoping. That would be so fabulous for you!

Housefairy said...

Thanks, everyone...I really could write about what a sweet small school it is but I am beyond burnt-out and for now, just looking forward to a change.