Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March in Michigan...

Feeling rather underwhelmed/overwhelmed today. Kinda just sitting around. Its raining on the snow, my kids are all doing stuff, building stuff, plotting, planning, chatting. They ask me for food here and there. Its just casual. I fight off the little panic attacks that usually have something to do with life not looking like I thought. We are waiting for spring. We are just about out of ways to enjoy the now. Im going out tonight and that will be a nice escape. My blue hair has faded to a blech and I think I will go re color it in a little while. Dishwasher is humming, mail might or might not be here, Rokenbok machines are whirring, Eska is totting around, Greta and Mickey laughing upstairs, Charlie obsessively checking the jello we made this morning to see if it is firm yet. Phone rings occasionally, Toll Free Call. I wash some clothes and dry some clothes and sometimes seperate and or fold some clothes. Its a cozy kind of boring. I am neither loving nor hating it. I wish I were all clean and dressed and that we could bop out somewhere...but really I dont even know where to go.
Said it before but I'll say it again: Once it is nice out, don't expect to see me indoors, ever. I am going to set up a little encampment in my yard, and be out there the entire day. My entire soul depends on it.


Kelley said...

I'm right there with you. I am heartily tired of winter, but unfortunately, early spring isn't much better. At least around here.

Here's to us all being able to go play OUTSIDE in the WARM and the BREEZE and the SUNSHINE in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!!!!

Nathan and Aimee said...

If the dishwasher is humming and jello is in the fridge it sounds like a pretty good day to me! Spring will be a welcome change, though. I can't wait for eating outside, just so I don't relly have to clean up after! aimee