Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another realm, undervalued, for being female

I am getting more and more into Sara Wickham, thank you SageFemme for turning me on to her work :)

I loved this article, because I absolutely LOVED being completely weird when I was pregnant. My husband totally honored and even encouraged this behavior in me, and I think it helped me a great deal.

What is weird? Of course I use this word in a tongue-in-cheek way, as it really is misogynistic to imply that anything not Male or Rational is therefore WEIRD. So, what I should say is deeply intuitive. Tidal. Inward. Aware. Sensitive. Open. Gentle.

I'm such a amiable tomboy normally, but when I was pregnant, I was so different. I just loved that. I spoke up for myself, even in seemingly unimportant ways: I said things like "I NEED" much more freely and less apologetically. "I need the blue pillow, a swiss cheese sandwhich, ice water, and the TV to be off".
"No, we are not going to that party/gathering/event."
"I need a fan, a grapefruit, and some jazz music."
"I need fresh air now"
"I need to lay down now"
"I need apple cider right now"
"I am going to go sit in the closet for a while"
"I am going to make a fort to read in now"

Stuff like that. Nesting and groovy and in another land. I was receiving commands from my body and my baby and they were the same thing and I was open to it. I don't think that is goofy and I don't think it is mush brain. But, just like so many of the other needs of pregnant and nursing mamas and babies, there is not a whole lot of room for that in this male centered society, driven by money and hurrying and rationalism and being hard edged and power hungry and isolationist and independent--where does the freedom to roam about on a prolactin cloud fit in? When and where will this be valued, besides in whispers among friends?

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