Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Website yay!

This is the website by the author of the new book "Pushed", which I really want to read. Its fab--and the article about Codeine/Morphine being potentially deadly to newborns of course made my blood run cold. No wonder Charlie "Wouldn't nurse" till he was 3 days old--gee, thats the day they took my morphine away.


I know that evidence-based care doesn't seem to mean one hoot to hospital birth providers, but gosh, it still gets me everytime.

Why did I like my homebirth again? What do I tell the people again? Oh yeah--I remember--LESS DEATH!

What a strange thrill seeking hippie I am, I am, I am.


Angi said...

The painting you have added is beautiful.

Joy said...

Thank you :)

Rixa said...

Yes, I wanted to add that I love the painting too! I would love to decorate a whole room with birthing and nursing art...some day when I have the time and money, right?

Sage Femme said...

so many people gasp when I say I do homebirths - they say "oh, how scary!" or some bunk like that. Like somehow I live my life on the edge - and that my job is just one example of my x-treme lifestyle!

x-treme jobs! homebirth midwife!

Louisa said...

Pushed is one of the more terrifying books on the disaster that is conventional maternity care in this country.
Just wait till you read the account of the woman who, attempting to vbac was injected with a tocolytic (to stop her contractions) and then sectioned under court order. In this country!!!
THAT and the fact that the powers that be are building hospitals which can accommodate 50+% or more of c-section births. That shit made my blood run cold.

Housefairy said...

X-treme jobs...I can totally picture people thinking that, but midwifery is one of the most time honored, necessary, daily, important, but completely normal roles for someone to play in human society.

But no! Its right up there with fire eatin' and cliff divin' and stunt drivin', so scary and dangerous and filled with unknown peril and certain risk is the KRAYZEE event of babies and mothers.

Keep on cliff divin', I say. Maybe in our lifetimes we will see less of a gasp.

Housefairy said...

Sick, Louisa--I am scared to read it and yet I hafta, you know?

I did hear about that woman being court order to be sectioned. Why it wasn't front page news I will never know.


CreepyUCMama said...

I'm afraid to read it too, even though I really really want to! But it will be awhile before I can read it because I am way too broke for the hefty price tag. How come all the good birth related books are so expensive?!