Thursday, October 25, 2007

SO sexist and messed up!

I was screwin around on Wikipedia the other night and ran across the most rediculous, hateful thing:

"A persistent instability of mood, involving numerous periods of mild depression and mild elation. This instability usually develops early in adult life and pursues a chronic course, although at times the mood may be normal and stable for months at a time. The mood swings are usually perceived by the individual as being unrelated to life events. The diagnosis is difficult to establish without a prolonged period of observation or an unusually good account of the individual's past behaviour. Because the mood swings are relatively mild and the periods of mood elevation may be enjoyable, cyclothymia frequently fails to come to medical attention. In some cases this may be because the mood change, although present, is less prominent than cyclical changes in activity, self-confidence, sociability, or appetitive behaviour. If required, age of onset may be specified as early (in late teenage or the twenties) or late.
The essential feature is a persistent instability of mood, involving numerous periods of mild depression and mild elation, none of which has been sufficiently severe or prolonged to fulfill the criteria for bipolar affective disorder or recurrent depressive disorder. This implies that individual episodes of mood swings do not fulfill the criteria for any of the categories described under manic episode or depressive episode."

Cyclothymia??? Gimme a fricking break! What kind of robotic freak-a-zoid wrote this shit? Changes in mood now have a disorder? Oh, the issues I have had with the DSM over the years, such a messed up scene, the whole psych community is, huh? Look, the MILLISECOND I read this, I was thrust into a CYCLOTHYMIC moment, do ya hear me? My MOODS were a-shifting, believe me! I was DANGEROUSLY SWINGING!

Where do I start, with the male model as the norm for all humans? With the logic versus emotion bit? Head versus heart, bla bla bla? So everysingle interesting person on this Earth has this disease, I am concluding, right? I sure as hell do. Proud of it. I am a cycling female and it ain't a disorder, it is normal and natural and I wouldnt want to be whatever flour and water emotionless dough-girl the DSM would want me to be to garner it's NORMAL label anyhow, so PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!

Cyclothymia. Bite me. So rude, I am aghast. I feel an episode of mild depression followed by mild elation coming on! Grab my meds!!!!!!!! Lock her, up, she's gonna get all mildly excitable on your ass!

I really do hate so many things (evil grin) and it is so, so fun.


Jill said...

Oh, WOW. And I thought Seasonal Affected Disorder took the cake. I was wrong! (I mean, who DOESN'T feel gloomy in the winter and chipper in the summer? I thought that

It's finally happened: every single action or impulse we as human beings can have, has officially been labeled a disease and the only cure is HAPPY PILLS. Yay!

Corin said...

Hell yah, I'm not the only one out there that thinks 90% of all these "diseases" are a load of crap. I think I feel an episode of mild elation coming on.

Rixa said...

mmmm...happy pills...

Kelley said...

Great. This means I'm a mess. Whatever.