Monday, November 26, 2007

Best breastfeeding help resource Ive seen in a while

fantastic breastfeeding resource. I read and read and read it today-- so much stuff I didnt know, even after being a nursing Mama since June '97! I know several moms who could have saved a nursing relationship if they had this information.

Dr. Jack Newman is the GURU and there is tons out there by him, including books.


Rixa said...

Yes, I totally love Dr. Newman's stuff. I read his book through cover-to-cover before I had my baby and I also watched a lot of the video clips. They were so helpful in showing how to get that perfect asymmetrical latch and how to do breast compression.

mm said...

Met him once. AWESOME GUY! Made a crack about people will start freaking because some old man is peeping at a woman breastfeeding! *was in an airport!