Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am totally done with "Comment moderation".
There are SO many blogs that I leave thoughtfelt comments on, and they never get posted. I am beginning to feel like I am being blacklisted, could that be possible? I read other people saying almost WORD FOR WORD what I have said but mysteriously my comment isn't ever up.

If this isn't just paranoia, please someone tell me what this is all about. Sigh. At least I get some of my freetime back if I am not going to be commenting all over midwife blogs anymore.


funpaul said...

I don't know what moderation tools the blogs you are posting on offer, but it could be that you are not blacklisted -- rather the people whose posts are getting put up are whitelisted.

That is: the blog admin has a list of people who they allow to make comments (their friends), and don't neccessarily take the time to read other people's comments and approve or disapprove them in a timely fashion.

Just a possible reason.

Kelley said...

Yuck. I'd be bugged, too.

Summer said...

Sometimes the spam catchers are a bit over eager.

mm said...

I'm finding it hard to believe that. I'm in awe of your words.
meh. If they don't want to listen, their loss.

Jill said...

Bleh, that sucks. :( I'm always so happy to get comments on my blog that I very rarely don't approve them...I think I've only done it twice, once was a bully who followed me from another blog where he was bullying someone else, and the other was someone who only left me a comment to spam their own blog.

Sgt Howie said...

I understand the need for moderation in certain cases but I never turned mine on. My poor neglected blog never got enough traffic to necessitate such a thing anyway. Feel free to call me crazy, but it seems contrary to the spirit of open communuication on the net somehow. You may as well be writing your own comments if you're moderating them. It gets used by a lot of insecure bloggers who want to make the whole world appear to agree with them.

Morag said...

You are always welcome chez my joint.

emjaybee said...

Never assume malice where incompetence is likely. In other words, it's probably the blog owner not checking their moderated files. My blog holds any comment by a new person until I approve them (but not any later comments by them). But I have to take the time to check.

I would email the blog owner and ask--they may just need to go in and approve you.

Elise said...

That's not how moderating is supposed to work. Each group should have its own "rules for posting," which spell out just how much will or won't be allowed with regard to profanity, flaming, phishing, or promoting personal interests, quoting copyrighted material without permission, etc. The moderator's job is to review each letter and make an impartial judgment as to whether the post falls within the guidlines. If it does, it must be posted, even if the moderator and postee are bitter enemies. If the moderator isn't getting the job done, you need to give someone else a chance.

Been there, done that. It's never easy.

Michelle said...

I always get irked at those things too! You are welcome to read and post on my cheesy Myspace blog whenever you want, I (suprisingly for me!) get a healthy # of hits but very few comments(
I don't 'moderate' but if you leave porn references (Like some dude did on my daughter's 3rd bday post) and/or you creep me out, I WILL delete! But only for that.
I had someone I know add me as "A friend" and then she sent me notices whenever she posted a new blog but I couldn't read it, because even though I was her "friend" I wasn't on her preferred list...aye, the complications that come with the written word and the internet..