Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sugars and movements and such

I am chuggin along with my blood sugar testing, except the "bedtime" slot is almost all empty...I fall asleep on the couch, sorry! A few times I took it in the middle of the night and it was always "good". All of my readings are good, all below 120, every single reading. So, part of me is all proud that I am doing so well on my diet and part of me will always wonder how diabetic I really am/was. I am showing compliance to the Obstetrician, and if there is a chance the baby will be smaller, then awesome!

This past Saturday morning, I had a VERY non-compliant breakfast, instead of 2 eggs and one toast at 7 am it was huge bagel (sweet kind, too, raisins, brown sugar, the works!) AND coffee with all sorts of choco-whippy stuff in it, AND took some slugs off of Daddy's real pop. Oh yeah, this all took place around 11 am. BAD GIRL hahaha

but my 2 hour blood sugar reading after that insane breakfast was 91. So.....hey I was glad. That is no way to eat but if the reading would have been high then somehow things would have maybe made more sense? it was fun to have a treat, thats all.

I have not minded this diet one bit, and in fact, I have actually concluded that a very specific "eat-this-at-this-time-and-this-amount" might actually work for me, if I ever do an official "diet" like weight watchers or something someday. A hot topic, very loaded, but maybe another blog post down the line...diets and such...grrrr

The baby is so easy to feel, and me and my husband do fun little exams in the evenings. The head is down, and when she is curled up on either side, I feel and look quite reasonable for how far along I am--but sometimes, there is this huge distortion and there is a huge hard thing right at my sternum and all down my front, and it hurts really badly and I cant do much but look down at my middle in astonishment! What this is, we are pretty sure, is her going from right side to left side, spine outward---yeeowch! I worry that if I had a fundal height measurement during one of these moments, it would be like 45 and everyone would freak out! But outside of these moments, my uterus is nowhere near my ribs yet--another perk of being 6 foot 1 no doubt.

Not too much other preggo news to report, hope all is well with all of you, and that spring has finally come to everypart of the country by now. The fresh air has helped me tremendously to feel like it really is "nearly June", etc. Thanks for the abundandt feedback on the epidural thing...I just know it is no magic bullet and that for me it always lead to big trouble and tons of extraneous hoses and tubes-- so disturbing.


Kelley said...

It's always a treat to click on your link on my blog, and get to read something new that you've written. I am SO glad that the diet is working so well for you and that you are feeling pretty well. I agree that the nightly "whack-a-mole" sessions are delightful, though you seem to be much better at figuring out where yours is than I am. Sometimes I feel something hard in one place, and nothing but gush everywhere else. Other times, like you, I feel hard and huge and ready to burst. :) Ah, the joys of the last trimester. At least June really isn't that far away.

Judit said...

Hi June mamas! With spring here, I'm feeling like you +1yr: I am reminded by the balmy air and everything coming into full bloom how I was getting so ripe and ready to have my baby this time last year... who is turning a year old soon?! [sob] I am SO not pregnant any more. Wow. I wish I could rewind back to have those last few weeks, they're so precious! I also want my newborn back. I love how cute she is toddling around and all, but if I could just have her a sbabe in arms again, just for a day!!! (sentimental, much.)

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M said...

Hi Joy - great to read you as usual. I always want to comment more, but blog reading time seems to coincide with one hand weighed down with heavy baby head that is in turn clamped firmly to nipple. So I mainly read :)
Glad things are going well, yay for spring and YES being 6'1" must be a perk because my sweet 5lb9oz babe was jammed painfully up in my ribs from week 27 onwards. I'm 4'11" :p

Oh! also, I linked to you (from my new site which is just my old blog moved over to my own domain). Hope that's cool with you!