Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Whats up with ole' Joy today

I am no longer a bartender! I am just a Mom! Whooooooopie! I lay down at 9 pm! I dont have to make dinner at 4! I don't have to get dolled up at 5! I don't have to work until midnight! YAY! The Curling Club is closed for the season. They melted the ice, it is over.

I also went to my Gestational Diabetes class and it was actually very cool. Very informative. I completely understood what they were telling me to do and I am on day 2 of this new way of eating. I take my blood sugar with a finger-stabber thing when I wake up, 2 hours after breakfast, 2 hours after lunch, 2 hours after dinner and at bedtime. It doesn't hurt at all, very cool surprise. I like this, actually and have already noticed a steady feeling today. It cracks me up that I HAVE to have all these snacks, at 10 am and 2 pm and 9 pm AND 11pm if I am awake. Yum! : ) I bet the baby likes it, too.

My numbers today were right around normal, and it was good to see. They wanted each reading to be under 120 and they were like 112, 119, 128. My "fasting" number upon waking was higher than they like, but I was warned that that might occur.

The baby is nice and active, and is now getting to the part where she can actually kick hard enough to hurt. Not too often, but here and there, especially in the evenings! What she does do for sure is completely switch positions still, but at 30 weeks I am not worried about "breech" yet and am quite amused at how easy it is to tell how she is lying. By the way, all this SHE stuff is still so bizarre to me, knowing the sex of the baby, argggg so strange!

Charlie is showing a lot of signs of verbal maturity lately which I think will help alot when the baby comes. Although I still stand by my feeling that 3 years apart is the closest one should go between children, this is going to be a 2 1/2-er and all I can say is thank goodness it isn't only 2 years, as at 2 Charlie was a B-A-B-Y and it could have been bad bad bad. Of course tons of families have kids much closer together than this, but for me, WOW it is too hard. Casey and Charlie were 26 months apart and well, it was pretty horrible. He was the angriest of all the siblings upon arrival of the new baby, and I was least able to help him. But they are best little pals now, so it all works out.

Well, I am supposed to go on a walk one hour after dinner so here we go. Slow, but hey. At least I am not standing behind a bar, dying of braxton-hicks, drinking pop : )


Kelley said...

Yeah! I am so happy for you! Just being a mom sure is nice, isn't it?

I'm also glad to hear that you are doing so well with the gestational diabetes thing. Does this mean that you are still risking yourself out of a homebirth? What do you eat for snacks? I should snack more, but I haven't done very well at that. I have discovered, though, that eating before I go to bed helps me sleep better at night. NICE!

I wish that I wasn't so worried about this baby being breech/oblique at the moment. It's just that she has been like this the entire pregnancy. I've been going to the chiro, though, and he says that my sacral-uteral ligaments are so tight that it's not surprising.

I'm glad that pregnancy is being kind to you right now. Do the last 10 weeks seem to last forever to you, too?

Corin said...

Congrats on the staying-at-hominess! How great.

Ugh* Sounds like I should be scared. My daughter and this baby will be 26 months apart.

Rixa said...

As much as the job seemed like a great one, I am sure it's nice to be done. Sounds like the finger pricking and new way of eating will bring good results!

Housefairy said...

Hey Kelley! 10 weeks is a loooong time to worry about position--I think. But so cool that you have a chiropractor that can really help!

I have to eat "2 carbs" at snack times. One carb serving is 15 grams of carbs. Today I had 1 cup of strawberries and a small handful of triscuits for one snack, granola for another snack and tonight I might have peanut butter bread. Its all yummy stuff just not necessarily what I was doing before and certainly not on a timeline like that.

Corin, I didnt mean to scare you, it was just the circumstances for me that really made the closer together birth super hard. I am in a much better situation than I was then, but I felt like I was trapped home alone and surgerized with an angry, angry 2 year old and a screaming crying 12 pound newborn and I couldnt really take care of eother one of them and it sucked! Changing the 2 year old's diapers ater surgery was a nightmare, he would run away and buck and kick me in the stomach and I couldnt chase him or anything. He had never been left with any kind of babysitter EVER and then bam his mom was gone for a WEEK and returns all crippled with some new brother on "his" nursies? Uh-Uh. It was bad.

I dont think that that is too common, most folks have family around to help them out, and most kids have at least been to grandma's house or something by age 2. Most c sections dont keep you away for 7 days, and probably most 2 year olds arent nursing. I dont know, but it was ROUGH. He was also a very very wild child and just being his pregnant mom was pretty hard, I had never been pregnant with a one year old and that was hard...he was a climber and unlike my first two children, very physical instead of very verbal. Where my first two were more into stories and coloring, he was into disassembling the stove and escaping into the street. Gee now that I type this I think it was just HIM and not the age diff at all! Who knows!! But dont be scared, theres nothing you can do now : )

Thanks, Rixa! For me, this was a very good thing, really brought me into more of a conciousness about exactly what to eat and when than I guess I had been doing. I was joking about the pop, mostly, but for sure the bartending did not encourage scheduled healthy choices lets just put it that way.

Judit said...

Glad to read job's over--I was secretly worried you're stretching yourself too thin with it; Aaah you can relax now!!! I'm also pleased to read that your GD diet is more specific than 'hey, just eat healthy already' LOL it gives you focus and tools to do that, cool. I'm all for self care and being aware.
You are absolutely right on with the 3-year spacing and verbal abilities. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience obviously :) A good friend of mine has three daughters, spaced a well planned 3 years apart each. And, oh yeah, she is a child psychologist and she lives by the theory that verbal skills are a must for siblings to integrate their experience.