Friday, August 7, 2009

Bebe Gloton

My great friend sends me thoughtworthy stuff all the time, and he forwarded this to me: (Warning! I am pretty sure some other stuff on this page might link you to some other stuff that is definitly rated R/(X?) and I am not guaranteeing anything beyond this article!)

So there is a breastfeeding doll. And it is seen as waaaaay wacko-sicko. Totally "out there". Like it is literally a Blowjob Barbie. Sick! Sick! Sick!, right? Hmmmm... The whole angle and assumption that THIS IS THE ONE SEX ACT WHERE I DRAW THE LINE! is deeply out of touch, first of all. Secondly, right off the bat, there is old comparison to excretory acts such as peeing and messing one's self, and then the entire thing is deemed "hellish". The anger levels in this article are extreme and quite surprising. Thirdly, it gets downright rude and starts using words like tits and the f word, all in the name of, what, good taste and decency for children?

There are SO many lame toys out there, I mean, aisles, and aisles of them--whats so weird about "nursing dolly"--many many babies nurse and many many kids see it all day--my littler ones wouldnt even know what to do with a dolly and plastic bottle---cuz they dont see that. But they might actually get a kick out of a nursing doll--for about 15 minutes, which is the fun-times-shelf-life on any of that idiotic plastic talking crap, anyhow, right? The She Really Burps Pony ends up at the bottom of the ole' toy box in a flash, and the Legos endure and endure...

I guess once anyone spends any time around any nursing moms and realize it isnt secret, exciting, or mysterious, and certainly not nasty but just a part of the day in the life of having babies around, then the shock and titillation would stop quickly. Like living in a nudist camp--the giggles probably stop on day 2. Everyone is freaking naked. Move on. Thats what nursing a baby is. Theres a baby and sometimes it gets hungry and has some boob for a few minutes. I can kinda picture a weary mother of a nursling baby telling the 4 and 6 year olds: Maybe you could give Mommy a little space for ten minutes...and go play nursie with your nursie-dolly. Make her some wooden food and push her in a plastic car---WHO CARES ALL OF A SUDDEN ABOUT TOY QUALITY? HAVE YOU BEEN TO TOYS R US LATELY? ITS ALL COMPLETE TRASH.

Babies, baby bottles, breasts, Dollies that pretend to drink orange juice out of a tiny pink dissapearing bottle, dollies that pretend to breastfeed--its just all part of play and life and its not sick or depraved or ridiculous. Maybe this doll, to some, is little dumb and wierd--but to me so are ALL TALKING ROBOT TOYS--I just dont like them. And BTW, I dont like when my own kids SLURP either--thats not a good latch and it feels and sounds yucky!

: ) What do you all think?


Jill said...

AHAHAHAHA!!!! I love you!

I think the nursing doll is weird, but people's reactions are even weirder.

And after all, can't any doll nurse? Just throw away the bottle and put its head under your shirt. Voila! I have many photos of Jameson doing this with his Berenguer baby, so I can show them to his first girlfriend.

And yup, all toys are crap these days. I am dreading the two birthdays we have coming up because I know it means two more mountains of cheap plastic CRAP that is pretty much going straight into the garbage. I wish we could request birthday gifts like we can request Christmas gifts. But I also wish I had relatives that would fucking listen to my requests in that case and not buy the exact opposite of what I tell them to.

anthroknitgal said...

My kids pretend to nurse their dolls all the time. Heck, my daughter has nursed a stuffed animal puppy because she was sure it was hungry. While I'm with the previous commenter in not getting why it is necessary to have a separate doll that nurses, the idea of a nursing doll doesn't bother me at all.

And the cheap plastic crap? Isn't that the other name for Walmart? We routinely purge our kids toys and almost everything that goes is cheap plastic crap. The legos, the blogs, the pretend food and tea sets, and their farm animals last forever and get played with all the time but the other stuff either breaks or loses its appeal almost immediately. I too wish that family would listen when they ask and we tell them what to get the kids. How many barking dogs that wag their tail do my kids need anyway?

Kelley said...

Hmm, there seems to be a consensus here. I think the only reason my kids haven't tried nursing their dolls yet is because they just have been too busy playing with other things. They (my boys) certainly enjoyed pretending to be pregnant when I was pregnant with Rachel. Their babies came out easier than mine did, though. LOL!

Anyway, there is almost nothing I despise more than electronic toys. I keep begging for people not to send them, but at least one shows up for every birthday. Arrghhh! I hate them, People! There is absolutely no imagination required when a toy makes its own 2 or 3 noises and then does absolutely nothing else. Dumb and a waste of money.

Like I said, there seems to be a consensus here.

Stassja said...

What do people think older siblings do when mom nurses the new baby? (Aside from assuming that she's decently covered in her own home, HAH. I tell any visitors that plan on staying more than a few hours to be prepared to see some boobs) And yeah, I hear it's not uncommon for any old baby doll to be play-breastfed by the siblings.

I LOVE this article, because they've gone straight from "it's INDECENT!" to conspiracy theorizing about how this doll will singlehandedly raise teen pregnancy rates and awaken maternal urges before their time. I honestly could not stop laughing because the tone is just so ridiculous.,2933,537261,00.html

Stassja said...

And speaking of crap toys, I saw a line of baby animals (electronic of course) that you're meant to feed and care for. Each comes with a bottle of milk, including the two baby BIRDS. Yes, a baby parrot that you can feed with a bottle of milk! Breaking the laws of nature one plastic piece of junk at a time.

Jill--Unnecesarean said...

Dude, I'm still feeling creeped out by the fact that people saw play nursing as overtly sexual AND that they THOUGHT THE INFANT DOLL WAS SEXUAL.

Like Jill said, the doll is weird but the reaction to it is what's really weird.

I'm cracking up about Stassja's comment about the bottle-fed parrot. They should introduce Bebe Guacamayo, the Animatronic Breastfeeding Tropical Bird, because pretend breast milk is so much better for parrots than formula.

Rachel said...

my daughter would probably love this doll. i nursed my 3 kids past 5 YEARS each, so i'm sure i am a sicko too. just stumbled on your blog, pretty cool!

:: wife mom maniac :: said...


my girls have "nursed" dolls, stuffed puppies and kittens and frogs, they would've loved that doll.

chuchi said...

bad news BEBE GLOTON the breastfeeding doll is almost sold out there are a few left on eBay and Amazon but the manufacturer said that sells went through the roof this month and he won't have more available until February.