Monday, January 25, 2010

Our New House

So we have moved. Finally. Away from the teeny tiny experimental house that alas, turned out to be somewhat from hell. One small living space, about the size of an area rug. Thats all we had for a home. Blech. Lots of bad memories and cluttery stress.

So now we live in what we of course truly hope and plan to be a long time home. It is 1600 square feet of 1925 bungalow-y goodness. About 2 miles north enough to feel kinda country-ish, but of course surrounded by loads of McMansions and silly subdivisions with silly names that bely their guilt at destroying natural beauty for the sake of taupey snore-ville. Walnut Creek, Glen Meadows, Forest View---BWA HA HA I loathe that shit. But whatever. We have a large property, maybe 2 acres? and we have a gravel circular driveway, a dining room, a living room AND family room (woo hoo!) hardwood floors, and very importantly, a HUGE Oak tree. Some evergreens, a cottonwood, and what appear to be a few maples and apple/crabapples. (Its January, Im just giving it my best guess). The kitchen window where I stand and do endless dishes (no dishwasher! for real! gulp!) has three windows that stare out onto the wonderful backyard--in which we saw a fox our first day here. We have 2 deer x-ing signs on our street, and we are across the street from a nature center. I love it here! The kids and husband are already seeming more calm and peaceable, even with living out of boxes and bags somewhat.

Its really kind of like a dream, we like this place so much. And whats crazy is that it is so nondescript on the outisde (ugly even, if not certainly boring) that the first time I set up the appointment to come see the place, I truly almost drove off. But obviously, I did not, and the inside is really lovely. The whole thing is cozy and nice--especially with my immediate settingup of lots of little low wattage lamps everywhere. No overhead lighting for me, thank you very much, unless I am in some tanning booth or surgery, I detest white-bright-overhead lights. Blech.

I cannot wait until spring in this place. I think I might finally be ready to do some lady-stuff like plant a garden. I have a very black thumb and not the biggest desire to do alot of yardwork. But mostly its the knowledge that the gardening could be awesome and zen like but it will be interrupted or impossible due to the multiple children that has kept me away. Then the guilt and stress of the "other mommies" whose children garden with them, gentle little cherubic hands covered in rich black earth, in contrast to my few attempts to even re-pot some marigolds with them turning into a tear filled brat fest, and well, I have been reticent. But maybe this year, this house, could bring me to planting a few things and seeing what comes of it. I can certainly sprinkle out some wildflower mix, right?

Well, off to check the mailbox-- you have to walk way out front to get it--too exciting and novel for this city girl, lemme tell ya! Talk to you soon,


stand said...

So exciting! I love early 20th century bungalows. Please post inside pics and yard pictures when you have the time!

If you have a sugar maple, you can make maple syrup. All you need are a few maple taps. We did it a few years ago. Lots of boiling but it's so neat to make your own.

Jill said...

JOYJOY! What a nice update! Your house sounds fabulous, I can't wait to see pics of your garden in the summer! That's what I'm hoping to find once Jameson is out of school this year. This crummy apartment is totally cramping my style.

I do the same thing with lamps. The living room and bedroom have little lamps to use vs. overhead lights. We use them in the kitchen and Jameson's room though.

And like somebody said: "Suburbia is cutting down trees and naming streets after them." Funny but sad at the same time.

Amy said...

You're living in my dream house!

It won't be too hard to garden because you have enough space to dedicate half of your garden area to those chubby hands. My daughter stays occupied forever with her array of little gardening tools and shovels. Bonus if you add a bucket of water to make mud! You just have to be prepared to accidentally get pegged with flying dirt, and you have to enjoy hosing off yourself along with half naked muddy children at the end of the day...haha.

Boys Live Here! said...

Congrats on the new place! It's great to read your happy-ness about it. :)

Shelly said...

Im so happy you found a house that you like!!

For what its worth, I feel the same away about gardening. But now my girls are asking if we can have one this year, so I guess I will have to bite the bullet and see if I can keep anything alive.

Leigh Steele said...

can't wait to see photos of your dreamy house! sounds so so so lovely. much deserved.
just revel in it, mama.
soak up the light.
love ya.

Thomasin said...

Hurrah! What a wonderful description!! Very exciting. (Though, I hear ya about the dishwasher. I don't have one either and I don't love that fact. Nevertheless, the dishes get done.)

Take a picture of a fox! I don't think I've ever seen one in "real" life.

grrltrouble said...

So glad for you guys! Hopefully this is the "one". The one that is happy and healthy and full of future wonderful memories.
The key to gardening is to plant and don't stress about it.

gypsy said...

waitwaitwait. what state? b/c walnut creek is v. close to me and I love your blog and ALSO have 5 kids.

I mean what if we're neighbors.

Are you in CA???

Corin said...

Oh how awesome! So happy for you and your family :D