Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ADHD hell. ADHD is hell. ADHD in hell. ADHD go to hell.

No websites seem to get it, no friends or books seem to help. He takes Concerta and we get our son from 9 to 5, but beofre and after that....there is no family. There is no peace. There is no right answer, no better parent, no clever re-directing, there is hell. Hell for all siblings, hell for him, I am sure.

We tried 2 counselors; one was hung up on homeschool?? What is this?? and one wanted to take 5 visits to play connect four with him and send me out of the room. Sorry, our insurance pays for 20 visits a year, i dont have 5 to spare on this gettin to know ya shit.

This is so real and so unbearable.


Kelley said...

Joy, have you tried taking him to the county mental health department? We finally broke down and took Josh because he was getting SOOO completely out of control. He's in a great program now that has all kinds of great benefits. We're just starting into it, so I can't tell you everything about it, but I do know we haven't started this a moment too soon. The program is called Family Focus. Does your county do anything like this? The best part? It's completely free for us, which is great because we couldn't afford a thing for him right now.

Joy, I hope you are able to get some help soon. I may not be dealing with ADHD exactly, but the my son's autism is certainly throwing us for a loop. I sincerely hope you can find the kind of answers you need. I know how a child like this can take over and high-jack the entire family without meaning to. When Josh starts to flip, it's like he's not even himself anymore. He's some crazy, insane, violent, STRONG young man who seems bent on hitting and kicking me and doing whatever other damage he can. When he's not flipping out, he's the sweetest, gentlest, kindest young man alive. Believe me. I understand how stressful this can be.

Elizabeth said...

I hear you. Mine is also on concerta. Perhaps try the generic methylphenidate? It's not a slow release, like concerta, and it has a 30 minute lag time. It's a tiny little pill, only like a couple mg. or something? (I can't get up to look right now...) Anyway, it's something that you maybe give him about 4:00 in the afternoon or so, and then it would be worn off by bedtime so he can sleep.

Hang in there,

SolaceMama said...

I have no children with ADHD. But I have had students. It is such hard work to help them and live with them. And sometimes to love them. Keep going. It will pay off.

Way down here shew quietly wants to know if you have looked at food allergies and if you have tried cranio-sacral therapy. I have seen fantastic results with both. BUt I know what it is like to have everyone offer their newest magic bullet... :(

Housefairy said...

Thank you Mamas SO much...I will seriously do ALL of this.
hugs hugs hugs

Kelley said...

Joy, I had to use the threat of calling the police on my son Friday night. He wanted to go off by himself, on a scooter, in barely adequate clothing, on snowy, busy roads with NO sidewalks because they're all covered in snow and ice. I knew I HAD to get him back in the house, no matter what! After some quick soul-searching to see whether this was something I wanted to do, I told him I was going to have to call the police because I would rather he be picked up by them than killed by going out on the road. It worked; he came back into the house, but he then FREAKED OUT for the next 45 minutes. I literally had to protect my 2 1/2 year old so he wouldn't hurt her. I know how awful this can be.

And yet, later that SAME evening he calmed down and the three of us happily played UNO together before I put them to bed. My daughter forgave him, and they were totally happy. How is it that we can have such unbelievable extremes in less than an hour?!?!