Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My summer vows, should I be blessed enough to live through another 2 seasons

I will not let the fact that it is hot deter me from living this summer.

If I get too hot, I will ask some little person to squirt me; therefore I will say YES to waterguns, forget all that hoo-hah about them being "violent".

I will go to the beach at least twice a week.

I will buy a pool and swim in it everyday I can.

I will say YES to lemonade stands, YES to water balloons, YES to staying up very very late.

I will say YES to naked sprinkler babies. Or kindergarteners.

I will say YES to "can we catch him and keep him?" (and happily drive to buy it crickets or worms...)

I will buy myself a nice new bathing suit, in whatever ghastly size necessary, and I will wear it with pride.

I will open windows way more than turn on air conditioners.

I will say YES to popsicles.

I will say YES to ice cream truck.

I will say YES to setting up the tent in the backyard.

I will TRY TRY AGAIN on planting things, ever careful not to call it a "garden" until/unless it actually does become one.

I will be barefoot.

I will eat and drink outside as much as humanly possible.

I will make iced tea every morning and not give The Man any more of our precious money for gross cans of diet cola.

I will unplug any and everything I need to, as the mother and homeowner, knowing these kids will be all plugged in next winter, and that there is a season and a time for media and a season and a time without it.

I will NOT leave all the barbecuing to daddies and men.

I will say YES to a campfire, and therefore, YES to marshmallows.

I will say YES to fireworks, and YES to them after 4th of July as well.

I will pull a wagon, push a stroller, pack a cooler, tie 7 folding chairs around my neck, whatever it takes but gosh-dang it, we WILL go to every single Music In The Park we humanly can.

I will NOT gasp when kids get too close to the edge of the water/firepit/mudpit.

I will say PHOOEY to locked doors, closed windows, video games, endless TiVo'ed tv shows, and yes, Facebook.

I will never, ever yell at little ones about "the water bill".

I will wear a tank top. My soft and giant mom arms are just another part of nature.

I will dry stuff on the clothesline, and take pride in it's ability to be a full time job.

I will say YES to farmer's market--but not the trendy crowded ones, the little wierd ones.

I will be the tan, sweaty, laughing mama, with dirt on her feet, dough on her apron, baskets of odd little carrots, tomatos and beans on every counter top, and scruffy muddy babies all around her.

I will hunt down every small-town Strawberry Festival and County Fair humanly possible, and be there when it opens.

I will say YES to every living thing, and never, ever forget this winter!


leighsteele said...

this is a bold, beautiful, brave, and totally doable manifesto! Yay! May we all adopt it.
ps my word verification was "Peenow", as in Pee Now!
Shall I heed the advice? :)

MamaVee said...

that is a wonderful manifesto.
how is homeschooling going?
I think of you often, even though I don't know you "in real life".
I think you and your family are beautiful.
I am sending you love.

Drake said...

Beautiful sentiment. I hope I remember to live this way come summer as well.

Kelley said...

I love it! Especially since we are in the process of being snowed into our homes for the next umpteen-million YEARS!!! or so it seems...

You must be having a doozy of a winter up there. I'm glad to hear from you again.


Olivia said...

Yes, yes, yes! I tend to forget just how awful and gray the winters are where I live around July. I must soak in the sunshine, however hot and humid while I can.

Thomasin said...

Yes! I love this. Thank you for sharing. :-)

Nathan and Aimee said...

I love this post. Since reading it I have found myself thinking about how absolutely GREAT this summer could be if I choose to have a more laid back "yes" kind of attitude. Thanks for the reminder that the netflix watching, ds playing, yuck yuck snowing days will eventually end and become the sticky hot popsicle days of swimming. Doughy arms and all I will have a blast in the water and dirt this summer too.
Aimee (been reading for a while, just since baby eska was born. I want to steal her name for my own!)

Jill said...

I <3 you Joy x infinity. We both need to start blogging again! This is too good for Facebook!