Friday, February 13, 2009

Mama's comin' back.

I did my hair blue again! I was gonna wait, really I was, for alot of things...but I did not. Its been a safe n lovely brown for almost six months, a serious record for me.

It is getting longer and thats what counts. I had a little bit of the old blue from 2 years ago and I put in some blond chunks and then laid on the Manic Panic Midnight Blue. Rinse. Enjoy. My husband sure is! Even Eska gave me a funny coy smile.


Rixa said...

Blue hair is still the "real" Joy to me since that's how I first saw you when I started reading your blog.

Kelley said...

I agree. I think you look beautiful in blue.

Housefairy said...

Yay! I am so glad u guys like it. I did just the outer layer instead of the whole head. Seems like such a not big deal, whereas when i first did this 2 years ago I felt soooooo crazy, the first time I went to the store, etc. LOL
When people ask me odd questions like why is your hair blue, how did you do that, what in the world did you do to your head is that your real hair, (yes these are all real questions that people ask) I have been saying "Its my natural color!" and then i wink or something. This seems to be so silly and disarming that even old grouchy types seem to calm down and cheer up.

I dont get too riled up about stuff like that anymore, but I will say that it is quite unfair and bizarre to me that it somehow is "ok" for people to treat me a certain way but can you imagine (for real!) if i went up to strangers--STRANGERS!--and started questioning them about their hairdos? Is that your real hair? How did you get such a sweet mullet? Is that your real bald head? What did you put in that thing?

People are strange. they dont treat others the way they want to be treated. But it doesnt upset me anymore, and kids LOVE it.

Also, i like when little kids say MAMA! BLUE HAIR! LOOK MAMA! and the mom is all freaked out and telling the kid to be quiet and i always talk to them.

Kids sometimes ask me why is your hair blue? and i tell them that i thought i would like it to be blue and so i got some blue hairdye and dyed it blue. Its so simple that it can seem sarcastic, but then i say that i love my hair and that i hope they love theirs someday as much as i do and that having blue hair makes me feel happy. All true! Joyful little things...

Thomasin said...

Love it! I had dyed my hair blue for the winter before I turned 30. I realized that I'd never had 'fun' hair and thought that it was then or never (somehow 30 seemed too old to have fun hair). And what I learned during those months (that people suddenly think it's ok to ask you about your hair color choice, and that kids are fascinated by it and light up and smile when you walk into the grocery store---exactly what you've had happen too) was eye-opening.

I did dye it back to my born-with color when I turned 30, but now (32) I'm thinking of going purple... Shockingly, living for three decades didn't mean needing to have restrictions on fun. Hah! I don't believe I would have bought that even 5 years ago... ;-)

anyway, looks GREAT, Joy. :-)

-little mad girl said...

i love it! i was pink last year when i met my husband. aint it fun?!!