Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool Blog!

I have been OBSESSED with vintage children's books since way before I was an actual mommy. I have made lampshades from old science texts, decorated my guitar with cut outs of 1940's cats and dick and jane type kids and their gorgeous little outfits....sigh. Give me an old Little Golden Book anyday over really anything and I will be enchanted, entranced, amazed.

Well, someone has a blog with just such leanings but apparantly much more awesome talent and time: Go check it out and pretend that I made it, LOL

Someday when my kids are too old for the little books, I will have them all. Hopefully out of 5 kids I will be blessed with even one grandchild....


Jill said...

Jameson now has many of the books I had as a child. I love reading them with him. It's so neat to be on the "other end" so to speak.

Nina said...

Thanks for sharing!