Wednesday, December 12, 2007

13 weeks

Well, I am 13 weeks today, the beginning of the 2nd trimester! Woohoo! I have run out of my vitamins and can feel it. I am going to buy some tonight on the way to work. I feel really spacey and tired and junky--is the best way to describe it. I feel like I need vegetable stew but had gummi bears instead, if that makes any sense. I take Rainbow Lite One a Day and would never take anything else. they are made out of food and they are magic.

I want to feel the baby move and I know that wont happen for a little while yet. I am getting anxious for my first prenatal this upcoming week and to MAYBE hear a heartbeat!

I have a little wishlist of maternity clothes I want for Christmas and am looking forward to not looking like such an idiot in my regular clothes and to having some nice long shirts and maybe a few little jumpery dresses. I have a few things in my "cart" on Old Navy dot com that I hope look as cool as they do in the picture :)

I wish I had some big deep thought to share but today I am just a cold sleepy hungry girl who doesn't want to go to work tonight, whose clothes do not fit, and who doesn't know quite what sounds good. I guess hours in a jacuzzi, unlimited middle eastern food, and a week to myself to doze and read and float around in the hot water. That and some vitamins and the interesting posts might return ;)



Kelley said...

Maybe today is "out of sorts" day. I'm feeling it, too. The problem is I tend to complain here a lot, so I won't.

I have a sister-in-law, who after trying for 8 years, finally got pregnant a few years ago. I remember her saying that she was going to smile right through that pregnancy, meaning that she wasn't going to complain at all. Maybe I should take her advice. :)

I'm glad you aren't as sick as you were. I'm so excited that we are going through this together. Ive got to find a midwife. Perhaps I should stop dragging my feet.

By the way, have you ever heard of hands turning blue? My left (but not my right) hand goes blue periodically, starting on the thumb side and extending to the pinkie. It doesn't hurt or feel very different. It's just blue. It tends to happen in the evening. Weird, huh?

Corin said...

Wow!!! Congrats on your pregnancy! I read this entry and thought, "AM I TOTALLY BRAIN DEAD??? How did I NOT know she was pregnant?" But then scrolled down to see that you just announced it. Yay! How excting. You're a bit further along than me, but it's fun to know another blogger expecting next summer! Congrats again!