Monday, December 10, 2007

Guess which celebrity is pregnant again now? Sheesh, these breeders!

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it is true folks, I am preg-er-iffic and feeling really relatively good! I have been DYING to blog about this but couldn't until I told everyone, and now I have and so there you have it!

Ok, some stats:

I am "due" in mid to late June, so I am picturing maybe July?

I am feeling awesome, (for me). For most women, I am sure this is normal amount of morning sickness, but for me, this is like the most unbelievable thing ever. I have not barfed one time! Man, have I come close-- and I could puke at any time. I could right now! but I just don't.

I eat all day. 'Round the clock. I pack in the protein like you wouldn't even believe, and it is working. I eat and I eat and I eat and if I don't, then there is about a 2 minute window in which to get me some food that sounds good or else....panic, tears, sweats, dizziness, inconsolable weeping and despair, gagging goose noises, and eventually, puking. But I just do not let it happen. I eat in the night, too--sometimes my husband brings it to me and sometimes I have it right by my bedside.

I was pregnant on my big trip to Rixa's and yes it was hard.

I have been really tired but the past 2 weeks that has let up, alot. Its like this just unbelievable miracle--something I just never pictured could happen to me, you know? After 4 pregnancies ALL with trips to the hospital for IV fluids and Phenergan suppositories (sexy, right) and little xeroxes about "Hyperemesis Gravidarum" for the ole' scrapbooks, I just felt quite sure that I was a Puker. And I am. But now I have it under control, somehow.

So what else can I tell you? It has been V E R Y hard being a bartender until midnight. I do not get enough sleep. I do not want to be there that late. I do not like some of the things I have to do at work. has also kind of saved my life. You see, I have been a stay-at-home-mom for 10 1/2 years. I have had a few jobs here and there, and I provided daycare in my home for 3 years, but I have not had a real steady job like this in a long time, and it is cool! I have to get it together when I do not want to. I have to have a real outfit and makeup and a smile--and that is AWESOME. It has scraped me off of the couch, out of my pajamas, and gotten some lipstick and blush across this grey, grey face 3 night a week, for weeks now, and it is GOOD for me.

Do I wish it only went until 10 pm and not midnight? Of course. Do I wish I could see my husband more? Of course. But it only goes until late March and by then I will probably be slowing down alot more and need to be at home.

Its funny, because when I found out I was expecting, the ONLY thing I was worried about was "Oh no! My new job! no no no no no!" Because, you see, my ONLY experience of first trimester ever, ever was me falling asleep in my dinner plate, and non stop vomiting or standing in the bathroom with tears running down my face, waiting to vomit. So obviously I assumed this would be the same deal and how could I tend the bar when I was in the bathroom sleeping or whatnot? I was SO worried. But I just brought in all sorts of granola and cheese and sandwiches and my friend brings me all these scrumptious hot meals when he is there, and I sip on Vernors and lemon water and....I don't throw up! I smile and talk and go home and jump in bed, usually with my work clothes still on.

I never find out what I am having, as far as a boy or a girl, so I wont this time, either. I would like a girl, but cannot even picture having one, so we will leave it at an assumed boy again :)

I am assisting/apprenticing with my old Midwife, as I told you all earlier, and I told her I was pregnant a few weeks ago and she was thrilled and wonderful. She knows what I have been through postpartum in my past and is 100% on board with that not happening again. We are going to have my first prenatal this week sometime. She comes to your house for prenatals, birth, postpartum and everything-- isn't that the most wonderful thing you have ever heard of? I am so honored proud and feel so right about working with her forever.

What else can I tell you? I don't know. I am excited! I am getting quite fatter, and am totally ok with the fact that it is most likely all Maternal Fat Stores from my 24-7 chowing. When I lay on my back you can tell where the actual baby bump is, and that is really cool. (When I stand up I look like maybe I love beer and pizza a little too much, and I have put away many many pants, shirts, and skirts for 2009.)

Its all exciting, even the annoying stuff-- and mostly I am just so glad that I finally told everyone that I needed to tell so I can BLOG with total freedom now.




K8 said...

Congratulations! You must be about two weeks behind me, since I'm due in early June, right about the time of the June new moon (so I'm hoping for a new moon baby!). Sounds like you're due about the time of the full moon - maybe we'll both have June Moon babies!

Leigh said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy! I am ELATED for you. This came out of nowhere to for me and it's made my day. I have a June baby and a July baby, so I feel like I can relate to exactly where you are in pregnancy.
Oh, I cannot wait for belly pix and all the insights you'll be sharing.
And, it all makes sense...been wondering where you've "been" for the past month or so. In that beautiful, other world of early pregnancy!
Oh mama...this is fabulous. Congrats!

mm said...


Kelley said...

Yay!!! Now we can talk about it together, even on your blog! I am so glad you are feeling so much better than usual. I haven't been very good about emailing, and seeing how you've been doing. Sorry!!! I must say that this pregnancy has been my least favorite. I don't think I've ever been such a complete basket case.

Anyway, congratulations! I'm so glad we are doing this together. :)

Jill said...

OMG YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you Joy! :D

Stacey said...

Congrats Joy!! A new baby!!!

Andrea said...


Angi said...

That is wonderful, Joy! I am so excited for you and jealous of your amazing midwife. Hang in there and pace yourself! Congratulations!

mamalove said...

I am just so happy for y'all! I can't wait to travel this journey with you through the great world of blogging. Congrats, Mama!

Housefairy said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
(grinning from ear to ear)

Bebu said...

Congratulations! How exciting, I can't wait to follow your pregnancy and your journey to midwifery!

harmony said...

I am so excited for you! I just started reading your blog and really enjoy your writing. I am due mid to late June as well and was just about to celebrate my 2nd trimester too!

Morag said...

Well done mama.
Happy gestating to you!

CNH said...

Congratulations!!!! You are due at the exact same time as my best friend, and about 2-4 weeks after ME!!!! So excited for you Mama!!!

May you be blessed with a fast, comfortable, and peaceful (healing) Birth!