Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Hey-- have you ever had such a bad cough that you almost peed your pants? Have you ever had such a bad cough that you almost threw up?

Well...take away the almost part and you will be one step closer to the sexy sensations experienced by bronchitis during your fifth pregnancy.

Still sick, went from a stomach flu that landed me in the hospital directly to a sinus/bronchial thing that I am probabaly going to be fighting for much much longer than the average bear. All four kids have it now, and I am at least well enough to take care of them all day-- even made up a chart of who had their motrin/tylenol/antihistamine/cough syrup when and how much....between running back and forth getting their drinks and snacks, I am returning to work tonight to hack germs all over everyone (and start my constant weepy/confused/edgey sleep deprivation cycle again in earnest.)

8 more weeks of work and then the season is over and I can be a full time mother and wife again. As soon as I get my household and personality back I will probably miss the extra money ; D such is life, right?

Everyone please be extra careful and safe, scary scary stuff out there, truly.


Jill said...

Bronchitis?!?! Oh noooo!!!! Major suckage. :( Please get better soon, being sick while pregnant is the worst. I'm terrified of catching another nasty bug myself.

Judit said...

Joy, this sounds downright miserable and please please take good care of yourself! I wish I could come over to make sure you rest and recuperate while playing nurse to your kids. Oh dear. Back to work? Are you sure? And don't you give me the old "I'll be fine" line! Think about it this way: if I were you, would you advise me to go work till midnight?

(Gotcha? did I? Please don't send me to work. I have bronchitis! I'm exhausted from tending to sick kids all day! I'm preggo! How can you be so cruel??)


I am a Monkey's Momma said...

Yikes! I was wondering where you went!

Hoping you & the babies feel better real soon.


mamalove said...

Oh Mama, that sucks. We've got it here, too. I'm so ready for this winter to be over! Take care of yourself, now.

Kelley said...

I'm completely with Judit here. I sincerely wish that we weren't 12 hours apart. Otherwise, I'd be there, too. I'm so sorry you're sick. Sick and pregnant is yucky! :(

emjaybee said...

Yeah we've got it too, stayed home today. My son coughed and spewed on me last week...oh well. Hope you are better soon... said...

I'm so late reading up...but I'm really sorry you were so sick! That just sucks. j