Saturday, June 28, 2008

im ok

ok, it is a few hours later and i do feel aLOT better. shower, outfit, etc.

I would like to state the obvious here and say that if someone is here taking care of the other kids, and i am all clean and wrapped up snug on the couch with a big drink and food and the baby, I am doing quite well. but when I am alone here with all of them, I am a mess and cant really seem to take care of anyone well, and there is a whole lot of filth and pop tarts going on. It sucks and is depressing, quickly.

Dear baby is NOT gassy, really, but when she gets sip sip sip of nursey and then i have to go running across the house for various bad behaviors by the kids she gets stressed. duh.

i guess right now is suppossed to be psychedelic, but i wish it were a better trip, so to speak. I am trying to enjoy stuff and i do, but man o man i wish the fairy would come and take the darlings to the park or something so i can hurry up and feel better. I am pissed off at how not better i am so far, whether that is the healin' spirit, i really cant be more honest than to say i feel pissed off. I have a MASSIVE headache, along with incision pain and general weakness. I feel like i have the flu, and got into a sword fight in my belly and a medium car crash. Sucky!

Cant wait to get stronger, i have such wonderful plans of how it will be....
new pics of angel baby tomorrow, Daddy had to get more batteries for the camera


CNH said...

Good. I'm glad you're better. Amazing how a shower and clothes that are clean can make you feel more...HUMAN! Lock those rats in the room with you and make MUCH use of the television, radio, and baskets of toys. I've taken to getting ONE basket of toys out. When they're bored with that we put it up and get out another one. Bonus of that system is that 300 toys are not strewn round the house when I get done with my day. (((HUGS))) I wish we were closer friend. You could bring them over and we could just sit on the couch and nurse and let them run themselves ragged!

Kelley said...

I wish I could come and help you. We are FINALLY starting to get some sanity around here, though I have my mom here and she is helping tremendously. She leaves Monday, and then I think I'm in for trouble! I certainly agree about how rejuvenating a shower and clean clothes are. I find that my mommy skills are terrible until I get those two things. Those and breakfast. For some reason I can't seem to get any food into me until 10:00 in the morning or later.

I'm so sorry that you are still in so much pain. It kills me that I can't come help you when you need it most. :(

lots and lots of hugs,

Ringmaster K said...

Pop-tarts! Oh the pop-tarts.
I thought my big girl might turn into a poptart when her little brother was brand spanking new... and I had half the kids you have, and no c/s!

It will get easier...

MereMortal said...

ohhh i'd so help you if i were close. poor mamajoy.
i love how you write though, it's perfectly reflective of the crazy/amazing/brilliant/sucky/divine time of hvaing a newborn and other children too. wow.
love to you.