Saturday, June 28, 2008

thumbs down

found myself alone alone alone upon the raging sea...

lots of Cure lyrics coming to mind this week, my first week without Steve---turned out to be my first week alone, too--my mom came over Tuesday which was wonderful!!!!but besides that, just one me and one screaming nursey/gassy baby two brutally naughty little boys and two big kids who kind of help but mostly seem to instigate all kinds of insanity with the little brothers.

i am filthy and distraught. looking forward to a shower when steve gets home today. i am so gross it is like those old cartoons where the flowers all wilt when i walk by. pepe le pew.

i would say 90% of my day i am walking around holding bitty baby as she nurses on the left boob way too much so i can have my right hand free to run and fetch and intercept all the HORRIBLE things the kids are doing. floods. breaking. biting. hitting. spitting. spilling on purpose. so so so bad. crying and screaming and fighting, running out the front door, lying, sneaking, hobble hobble here comes pepe le pew and her one boob out, bleeding bleeding bleeding to death to come yell at you! eat a pop tart! what do you mean they are gone???? what do you mean they are all wet in the bathroom???

hopefully this was the suckiest week so far. these kids are in for a big f'ing surprise when i am all healed up.

we are all going as a family on my first outing tomorrow, a huge outdoor Bat Mitzvah and I am very excited. Hopefully it will be a new start for me!


TracyKM said...

Although I never had surgery recovery at the same time, I really remember those early days and thinking "What the hell was I thinking". Thank god for my shower sling though, it was the only way I could get a shower in the first 9 months. I never learned to nurse in the sling very well, but I know others had no problems.
Have fun on your outing!

CNH said...

Oh yes. Yesyesyes. It's been UTTER insanity here. Oh, Mom's got both babies nursing! QUICK! Run and dance on top of the dressers!!! Squeeze all the toothpaste into the sink and then cover it with the brand new bottle of conditioner. Ruin an entire huge mega pack of toilet paper (lots of bathroom hijinx, can you tell?) Get Dad's fishing pole out of the closet and start smacking people with it. And on. And on.

I started time out this week and it's somewhat effective with all but the 3 year old and just a little effective with him. I'm going to do a chart for him when I get the time/sanity/energy to go to the store.

Hang in there. It's not forever, right? I just keep telling myself.....

Housefairy said...

Oh CNH I love you! I guess if I can laugh at your scene then maybe mine is funny, too?

I need mom friends. Ones with new babies.
You cheered me up : D

CreepyUCMama said...

I won't have a new baby with me but I will be in Detroit in October for about 4 days...I know, not much help right. =) Hang in there, you pretty much described my days and I don't even have a nursing kidlet anymore. That and I only have two...yet they create enough chaos for at least 6, they're productive that way.