Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Big Baby: Big Business: Big Surprise?

As a mother of FOUR so-called "big babies", I can tell you, nothing makes the OB's start sharpening the ole' scalpel like the possibility of a more-than-puny newborn.

I have had my labor induced 2 times for a suppossed big baby, and ironically, these suppossed big babies were runts compared to my non-induced ones!

6-9-97 Greta--8lb 12 oz induced for being so huge, 39 weeks
6-13-00 Mickey--8lb 11 oz induced for being so huge, 39 weeks--c-section, big surprise, right?
8-3-03 Casey--11 lbs born smoothly onto the living room floor thank you very much. Nary a tear.
11-1-05 Charlie--12 lbs c-section for Failure To Stay Home and birth upright (my opinion in retrospect)

I am a six foot one 200 pound + woman. By the tenth month of pregnancy, I have been known to be closer to the 300 side of 200, and I ain't ashmed to say it loudly. For me to have a seven pound baby would only be a sign of dreadful malnutrition, and nothing else. But ask an OB about nutrition and a pregnant Mama is lucky to get some xerox of a food pyramid along with a sample powder packet of Similac and a coupon for some constipating iron drops.

I did not have the (fake) Gestational Diabetes nor were my babies suffering any signs of anything other than being second generation fabulous large people. Caseys head was 15 inches around and his chest was 17. did I mention not a tear?

People: do not let your doctors or anyone else carve you up because you have a hearty healthy child inside of you. The last thing you want if you do have a nice fat baby in there is to agree to a flat on your back all strapped to the monitors and iv poles kind of a labor, because you might as well just have the section and spare yourself the charades.
Big Babies, like all babies, need Mama rockin and Rollin, movin and shakin, and certainly NOT laying supine to come on down and meet the light! No baby benefits from the motionless scary stress of the hospital induction and all its inherent dangers...but Big Babies dont stand a chance to come out that way. TRUST ME I know.

My latest accquaintance to give birth is another bigger Mama, whose baby was being threatened to be induced for possibly being over miniature size....but 2 days past 40 weeks, her water broke, and you how that one plays out....she goes to the hospital, they slap the arbitrary timetables on her to perform, she doesnt meet the deadlines, c-section....every one applaud....he was so HUGE....9 pounds. Yawn. They slapped a failure-to-progress on her faster than anyone I have ever known before---less than half a day! Not a single sign of distress in the fetus. Just a bad case of being a primip whose body was taking its time slowly opening up under the stresses of pitocin and strangers and everything else.

Our population is growing, babies are getting bigger. The measurements taken on ultrasound are NOTORIOUSLY wrong, with a error rate of FOUR POUNDS, either way! With outdated baby growth charts still being used from the 1940's, even post partum moms are being tsk tsked when their BREASTFED babies are growing up fast and furious---the way that breastfed babies do---and even being encouraged to offer THRIVING babies rice mixtures, formulas, timed feedings, sugar water, and even plain water---to newborn babies.

the first time in my young life that I EVER did not follow a doctor's advice (started me on a new lifestyle thats for sure!!!!!) was when I dragged my swollen bloody exhausted little self to the "Well Baby Check Up" (more on that malarchy soon) at 10 days postpartum with my little nursling, Greta.
How tenaciously I handed her over to the nurse to see what she weighed, having had nothing but breastmilk, and being my first baby, I didnt know what to expect....she weighed 10 pounds, even.
The joy and pride that swelled in my chest was just beginning to rise and bloom into full color, when the Doc informed that that was way too fat, and recommended feeding her every four hours (preposterous even for a formula fed older baby) and to give glucose water in between feedings. I smiled and said "ok" and nursed her in the car and when we got home and every 90 minutes or so for many many months. She never had that glucose water in between feedings unless you count KoolAid she had when she was a nursing toddler/preschooler : )

What good can come of this bad advice, wrong advice, fear-mongering and lies? More money for the mulitple doctors visits for the ear infections, breast infections, gastointestinal upsets, PPDepression and more that can all be exacerbated by this UNsound advice? $$$$$$$$$$$$ thats what.

If we are NOT afraid of health and our bodies and our babies, then we will be strong and autonomous and then we wont need them hardly at all.

I've said this a million times, a million ways, but there is NO BIG MONEY in fresh air, fresh water, exercise, meditation, healthy whole foods, birthing at home, nursing our babies, wrapping their bottoms in cotton, sleeping when we are tired, healing ourselves from our gardens. SO DO NOT EXPECT YOUR DOCTOR TO EVER RECOMMENED THIS STUFF. IT DOESNT MEAN IT ISNT BEST. IT JUST MEANS YOU HAVE TO GROW UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR BABY.

Why cant they leave us mothers and babies alone in beautiful glorious rightous natural unhindered PEACE?
or more honestly: Why cant the majority of us seem to be able to turn at least one deaf ear to all the bullshit they sell us until we can find our own 2 strong legs to stand on and quit them altogether?


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