Thursday, February 8, 2007

Mama, heal that baby

My Charlie is sick. Still. Again. Who even knows anymore. He has been on and off antibiotics since October. Its all a charade. So I am going back to the way that I used to heal and treat my children, back when I, somehow, did alot more things that were natural. I am going to heal him through me.

I am going on a hardcore regime of onions and garlic, of water and vitamins, I am taking HerbPharm's tinctures Echinacea/Goldenseal and Mother's Lactation Tonic five times daily. I am taking 2 fishoil capsules a day, and I am resting. Because I think Charlie really needs me to flood him with super enriched milk, and not more sticky pink and white chalky gloop. After so many weeks of me squirting baby motrin, baby tylenol and 3 antibiotics down his throat, he really doesnt want to deal with squirters anymore, and who can blame him?

I am also giving him a chewable probiotic supplement for little kids everyday to help heal and balance his body after all the antibiotics.
. We have been staying home out of necessity (our car died and we have not gotten a replacement yet) and just trying to heal heal rest and heal.

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