Tuesday, February 6, 2007

He's not weaning, he's just wiggly!

So lets say you are the lucky and fabulous Mama of a nursling baby/tot/kid. You made it through the harrowing first days, the sleepless weeks and sometimes months, even the ka-chomp of tiny first razor blades--I mean teeth---and have really earned your wings as a first class MamaBaby dynamite duo.

Now before you face a bunch of crap from jealous haters about your baby being TOO OLD for health or love, you might be faced with your own curious situation, and I want you to take heart, make it through this phase and you will surely be on the path to awesomeness in Nursey Land: the seven, eight, nine- month old and his or her HYJINX at the breast!

What ever happened to your tiny swaddled beany baby? (Ya know, the one who you needed two boppys, a back pillow, a special gliding chair with water snacks footstool and little creams and pads just to feed?) Now you will find yourself on the floor in the hallway trying to fold socks, on hold with the cable company, applying chapstick and nursing a naked little upside down hooligan!

Who IS this wiggling bucking beastie and is everything still cool???

By approximately 7 months old, but certainly by ten months, many a baby will think Nurseytime is also Gymnastic time, and your special peek a boo shirt openings and lovingly placed burp cloths will be a thing of the past as you may find yourself laying on the floor, being jumped on, danced on, and having the dear little one turn to peek at every and anything, often without the courtesy of letting go of that boobie before wrenching his or her head this way and that----ouch!

Your thighs might have little (or huge!) bruises on them from baby's jumpy jump jumping, and you might have scratches all over your chest and sides from them doing little rythmic soothing things like digging and picking at your skin!

This can be all really annoying and crazy, and can lead some moms to think WRONGLY, that the baby is playing because they dont need to nurse anymore, or there isnt enough milk, or some such.

I do not blame the Mamas at all, of course, after all, it seems like everyone who makes the decision to nurse their baby is just a walking time-bomb for the inevitable When Ya Gonna Wean Police anyways....but hear me out!

Those crazy middle aged babies, with all their new-found skills and mobnilities and freedoms need you MORE THAN EVER. they need HomeBase to let them have the security and foundation to venture forth even more boldly! Do Not Wean these wiggly oh-so-inconsiderate little darlings. you DO have milk. they DO need you and nursing. probably now more than ever.

If it gets out of control, you might need to excuse yourself to a darker quieter spot on occasion. this too will pass.

For the MamaBabies that make it past this mark, they will be overjoyed to find the 13+ month olds are more apt to snuggle in again....this is model Angela Lindval with her 14 month old...looks very snuggly and quite fashionable....just in case you thought this was a picture of me.....hahahaha!

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