Monday, February 19, 2007

School and Hospital, ahhhh smell the lysol---and the eerie similarities..

Hospitals, like schools, do what they can. They base what they do on money, trends, fads, outdated theory, convenience, crowd control, defensive practices, and ummm money.

Most people think of them as the greatest institutions we have, pillars of trust and knowledge and safety. The Teacher and the Doctor, our most trusted icons.

They do not practice Evidence-Based Care, and if and when they do practice "care", it would be much more appropriately named Outcome-Based Care, often if not always at the expense of the customers.

The integrity/wholeness of the student/patient becomes the lowest priority out of sheer necessity.

They are way way too busy to be worried about your personal set of circumstances. There are charts to fill out and quotas to fill. ---What was your name again?

They are both relatively new ideas, birthing in a hospital and being educated in a school. Society has suffered tremendously from the resultant mismanagement. But by society I mean women and children, and so the change that needs to come will most likely be a slow one.

Behind the burocracy, the nurses and nurses aides, the teachers aides, and many many doctors and teachers are the ones who work the hardest, who try their damndest, and who went into the profession with the best of intentions--to help people. These are the ones who we pay the least amount of money to and who never get to sign the certificates or go on the business trips, the ones whose names are forgotten and who do not have any say in the way The System works. They will have to accomodate, assimilate, or get out.

Since the 1990's both the schoolrooms AND the hospital birthing suites have upped their image---Now it is en vogue to try and appear more home-like and many now hang little colored pictures, have replaced the old lightbulbs with warm-glow, lace curtains now adorn the windows...but I still smell decay, fear, lawsuits and impersonal Rich Old White Men. It smells alot like lysol.

oh and I almost forgot--

People who don't worship these institutions are considered to be wackos.

There really truly is more to birth than escaping with A Live Baby.
There really, truly is more to childhood than an A+ on your ditto.

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