Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Shape of a Mother

This site has helped so many, many of us overcome anxieties about our shapes and, like all imagery, the more of this real stuff you get in to your mind, the more ok reality becomes!

You may need to go into the archives but once you get a hang of the site, there are more pics than you can ever possibly view.

The idea that people are coming out of the closet and showing the SECRET that is the tummies of reproductive women, is so silly to me, that it is secret, I mean, but man o man I do know that it is.

Even though I am the proud bearer of just such a tummy, of course, my first thoughts were "eww" and "I cant believe someone would post that"
That was my own self-hate coming out.

I would say it took about 15 minutes of reading over and over and over how beautiful everyone kept telling one another their bellies were, how pleasantly jovial and self-effacing the mamas were with and towards one another, joking about "Where DONT I have stretchmarks?", etc....for me to feel a definite shift in my own feelings about myself. Not too bad--15 minutes undoing 10 years?

I really hope people look and look and look at this site. It started out as a blog but got so hugely popular that it is now a dot-com.

tell me what you thought!

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