Wednesday, January 2, 2008

c section blog

Please go read this right now

Please understand it is NOT cool, ok, or something we should ever ever blow off, downplay, or forget about, how messed up c-section surgery really is. Compound it with how many are so so unecessary and with all that is inherent in birthing itself for a woman and her family and then tell me it doesnt matter, be glad, be happy, get over it, dont dwell, move on, drop it, be grateful, you dont really know if it was unecessary.......

Great powerful new blog I found thanks to Meconium Happens, another great blog.

Please Mamas who have never been cut, WORK SO SO MUCH HARDER TO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU


and P L E A S E, friends and family of Mamas who have been through this, know that this is so much more than surgery, and that it is a major major surgery from which you do not get to heal or rest, only to be thrust immediately into the hardest job on Earth while severed in half, abused, battered and depleted. PLEASE help the new mothers, please do whatever you can for them, please hang out with them, please call them, please bring them pizzas and clean laundry and fresh fruits and veggies and please be there for them through the years--it still hurts, I promise you.

Great stuff, difficult stuff, worrisome stuff, happening everyday right here and now.
And PS my c section area and my whole lower belly hurt ALOT and it has been 26 months. It feels like it should be very badly discolored, as with a bruise, it is very sore and hurts to be brushed against lightly and to be pushed or touched, the whole area. It sucks.


Rixa said...

I just found that blog this morning when I was looking how people came to my site. We need to keep speaking and hollering until enough people finally listen!

Jill said...

YES, THANK YOU!!! It really chaps my ass when people brush off C-sections like it's no big deal. Guess what? THOSE PEOPLE NEVER HAD ONE.

I'm going to be linking to that blog in my own, too.

Kneelingwoman said...

Hi- Is there a reason your Midwife's blog isn't listed on the blogs you visit? Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

An Orlando mother goes into hospital to give birth and leaves without
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The birth for this mother was smooth. It's what happened afterwards that
left her unable to hold or care for her newborn.*
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stayed behind. She is now a quadruple amputee and the hospital refuses to
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Judit said...

I'm not a survivor, but Cesarean art makes me weep. I cry real tears.
Okay, that doesn't say much so I'll try to put it this way: ever since I was a girl, I have dreaded the idea of getting a baby cut out of me... but I never quite knew the HORROR without poems and images like this. There is no imagining it. Through art is the closest I and other women like me can get to understanding. And once you understand as much, the silence is astounding. Nobody I know in real life has shared with me the intensity of these emotions. And this is me! I ask, I listen, they know I care... It must be very hard, holding all this pain inside.

CreepyUCMama said...

eek, another new blog to make me cry and get angry, that's a good thing. For what it's worth, 32 months later my c-section scar still hurts, itches, gets sweaty and annoying, the skin is too tight and I feel pulled down like I have to look at the floor and sometimes when I stretch too far (as in stand upright) it feels like the skin is splitting open and it burns......yeah, c-sections, gotta love 'em (note sarcasm)

Nicole D said...

I have to tell you - I read you often and was so happy to see that you are 'with child' :o)

Also, I just had this conversation with another woman a few days ago. She had a C a few years ago and 'is fine with it' - but she is bitter, angry, defensive at anyone who supports VBAC.... It hurts to see her this way because many of us know and understand that her anger is unfounded and is, thus, most likely a secondary emotion to the disappointment and hurt (guilt even perhaps) that she feels.

But how do you help her understand that? I don't know if any of us can.

Anonymous said...

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