Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bloody period talk, plenty of TMI: be warned!

I have had five pregnancies with five long breastfeeding-induced amennorhia times as well--so this subject has only come up as something I needed to think about for good, for real, as of now. How am I going to live my life , possibly 20 more years, with these insane periods now that I am done having babies?

It started after I had baby#3, Casey. the first period was so out of control that i went to the doctor, who sent me to the hospital. Although I got plenty of comments to the tune of "Jesus! Whoa!", I was told that there was nothing they could do and to take some iron. Well, 2 more babies and like I said, it hasn't come up---until now.

I want to be gory and gross and yet I don't. I have guy friends who read this thing and call me old fashioned but I hate to get too personal--but I also have women who read this who might need to hear what I have to say, and the winner is the women. So here goes:

When I start my period, it is okay for like an hour. And then it gets so heavy there isnt a damn thing I can do except lie in bed and bleed to death. Worse than a murder scene, worse than childbirth (much!!!) but I cant lie in bed, I have to take care of the children. My 2 littlest boys just do not "let" me lie down, they get into so much trouble and scuffles, but yes we try to use the tv asmuch as we can....

I cant even explain how sick it is---there is no point of tampons, its like it isnt even in there. they hurt and they dont do anything. The hugest pads, well if I could sit super still just sort of trying to bleed perfectly like a little bird on my nest then maybe...but I need to change them like every 10 to 20 minutes. There is no moving around (so, commercials with the bicycling and cheerleading always leave me a bit confounded, har har) or else I will flood out and ruin my home. Pants, couch, I cant move at all or blood gushes out and what can i do? Where can I sit? All over my stomach, legs, take a shower every 15 minutes??? Its so gross. I literally do not know what to do. Alot of women use the homemade cloth pads, and I just have to laugh at the idea of flannel even beginning to help this faucet.

So I am just now winding up 6 days of this nonsense. And I looked online, originally for those birth control pills but found this and wanted to post it and see what you all thought. I get dizzy, weak, and can barely function I get so tired and in so much pain. And then the psychological upset at just being so filthy and hopeless---well this sounds cool. But I dont like to try some freaky new thing, what if it, like so many other things ends up being another medical "WHOOPSIE--TURNS OUT IT GIVES YOU CANCER!" you know???

Seeing as wrapping my entire body in diapers and sitting atop a black quilt pile while drinking energy shakes and floradix just isnt an option, I asked my husband if he could stay home one day a month and he just said no. I was joking anyways and one day wouldnt do too much anyhow. But I regret ever ever putting Eska in her crib, ever, I know the decreased night nursing brought my cycles back, and do want to find out more about this procedure. Any crazy period stories are welcome here, and this is something that affects the whole family, and shouldnt be a secret shameful thing, so any input as far as something better than "Mommy has her tummyache again" would help, too. God this blows.

Off to go really, really appreciate the next 3 weeks as a human being!

***I just found this discussion so I will be on there for a while checking it all out.


Andrea said...

I was going to tell you to try old fashioned Pills, but the last thing you need is more hormones fucking with your body. I say go for the ablation. It was my second suggestion anyway! If it were me, that's what I'd do, anyway.

How many cycles have you had in a row like this? My first three periods postpartum and then post-IUD were psycho, like you describe. Things have settled since and now they're shorter and lighter like before pregnancy.

Rixa said...

Ugh, totally bites. No advice here, am curious to hear more about the ablation. Do you have health insurance again?

Sgt Howie said...

I dunno if you have read about the Diva Cup and no idea whether it may be of use in your situation, but I immediately thought of you when I read this because of the pads you mentioned: http://blog.babeland.com/2009/05/25/revolutionize-your-period-and-win-free-stuff/

kris said...

Hey! I know 2 women who've had that procedure done. Turned out well for them, good luck:)

Anonymous said...

Please try red raspberry leaf tea. I was having very heavy periods and when I drank one cup of tea per day my period was like it was when I was a teenager. It's not expensive. I buy mine at the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

After 4 kids, my periods are CRAZY heavy for the first two days, but I love the Keeper (like a Diva cup). I have to change it every hour, but it's worth it. I also have to wear one of the kids diaper liners to bed at night as well as the Keeper.

Raspberry leaf tea, and evening primrose oil and I notice a huge difference when I'm regularly taking fish oils on a daily basis.


Joy said...

Thanks for the comments, and I have definitly heard of Diva Cup but never checked it out all the way. I got a quick mental picture of me digging my arm into the blood torrent and getting it "in wrong" and...well thats about all i thought about it. But I will re-check it out, thx SgtHowie u rock =)

Red Raspberry for periods, makes sense! I drank it when i was pregnant and it is good for me no matter what--boy do I have a TERRIBLE case of the "I only take care of myslef when pregnant" thing...Here I am this nursing mom bleeding to death, yes red raspberry for sure.

And super glad to hear about some folks who had the ablation procedure, so far what I am finding online are long term stories of good results. YAY internet!

Andrea, this is my first cycle in 20 months.

Anonymous said...

I have horrible, horrible, horrible periods too. It really only started after my second child was born in 07 and I had an IUD inserted. I bled constantly for 6 months and then I expelled the IUD in what looked like a placenta! Another dose of TMI, but hey, let's be honest. I have been in your situation where it just runs out of me unless I am sitting still for several days at a time.

I went to a gynecologist that I respect very much and he recommended the ablation procedure. However, I would like to have at least one more child someday so it's not really an option. He said that he has had great success with it for people who have extremely heavy periods. He refuses to do D&C's for heavy periods because he says they just don't work - which I whole heartedly agree with.

I have been taking a lot of vitamin D lately because my vitamin D level was almost non-existent. Surprisingly, my periods have been lighter, and by that I mean semi-manageable, since then.

Worth a try, but I say go for the ablation.

Kelly said...

re: the Diva cup. Long story short - I bought it and used it for my last cycle and loved it except for the two times I bled out of it in just over an hour... (maybe the Diva Cup plus a heavy pad would give you some relief?). My cycles aren't usually that heavy, though, and it turns out that it was actually implantation bleeding. Bye, bye, Diva Cup (at least until November)...

Anonymous said...

I have a non-hormone IUD and mostly it's great except that I bleed like crazy for a day or two out of every cycle. I tried the Keeper and it leaked really bad--now I use a Diva cup backed up with flannel pads. I think both cups are good products, but one might just happen to fit your shape better than the other.

I have a very physical job and this is the only arrangement I've found that lets me not be constantly worrying if I'm about to bleed through my pants. The flannel pads are surprisingly absorbent, even compared to big fat disposables, and their snap wings are much more effective than adhesive for keeping the pad in place. It's a little expensive up front, but in the long run it's got to be cheaper than putting in a new disposable every hour.

Good luck!