Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mama's little fix.

Today was kind of soul-sucking. Ok it was long and hella rude and just uninspired and tedious and futile and dishes dishes dishes fighting fighting fighting dishes dishes dishes and gross food and gross coffee and squealing and squalling and cloudy and I tried, I really did, I tried so hard to be chill and patient and kind, but, I am sure how much any of it mattered. To the kids, that is. To me, my shaky start to a wierd day just never seemed to change the nagging feeling that the peace and balance that was not coming from the nice weatr or the nasty coffee or the vitamins might be somehow attained by a good old fashioned get the hell out of here?
Since the economy has taken its toll on Mama-go-Out night, (but alas I still needed to get the hell outta dodge,) I went to the library tonight for a little bit, and mosied (mosey'd?) on over to the magazines...ahhhhh such a refreshing thing to sit and read some light fare--what? My library carries BUST!? the koolest 'zine turned magazine ever? (Sorry hipmama, but you're my number 2) wow. I am going to read cool things and see beautiful stuff and laugh , hooray!!!!!! All my displaced girl-woman kitschy darling joy o meter that had been emptied dry was being filled back up--boop boop boop boop boop!Full hearts! I learned that Julie Doiron is back with the guy from Eric's Trip (fave band of all time) and that their new album rocks! Must download! I learned that Lily Allen is really hilarious! I learned that there is some book out there called It Sucked, and Then I Cried--the title alone is so perfect--about a mom's battle with having a baby and getting ppd--gotta read it! I learned that there is some book out there of short stories that are inspired by the titles of Sonic Youth songs and that it unfortunatly is rubbish--glad to know. I learned that I must must must learn to sew now more than ever because there is just SO much adorable-ness out there that i will never be able to afford in my lifetime nor will it be available in my size except maybe in Sweden where I am probably a Medium LOL---I gotta make my own skirts with cherries and olives on them and kick ass purses with owls and toast ARGGG its all so cute why why why do I love it all so much?!

I love BUST. Just going to the library and reading it made me all better. I was gone 40 minutes. I am an easy to fix girl. But I am human, and like I said, it was one soul-sucking day.


Amber said...

you probably know this, but that book is by Heather "dooce" Armstrong, aka writer of quite literally one of the most popular blogs on the net. she is a goddess:

Kelley said...

It's amazing what 40 minutes can do when you are totally sucked dry. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

It's too bad we don't live closer; I'd totally teach you how to sew.

Love ya!

Jackie said...

Just found your blog!!! Love it!