Monday, May 4, 2009

yawn-book; is it just me?

So, I went and did it. I checked out "Facebook". I must say, it is incredibly, entirely....boring. It is just not special, like the blogging is/has been. noone seems to say anything profound or deep or even slightly beyond:

I went shopping
Sure is warm out today
My tummy hurts
I added photos to my thingie
I went shopping
I should go to bed!

Oh my goodness, it is just very uninteresting and common. Oh well. I have a thing on there now and if I am ever childless and sick in bed I might do some quizzes like "what flower are you" or "what 70's tv show are you". But mostly, I just dont get the thrill.

I did look up my cute little cousins in Chicagoland and they are still cute and funny. (They are like in their late 20's but i think of them as little)


Mere Mortal said...

Hm, it was that was for *first*. Now, I love how it's a snippet-based update for my snippet-based life. It works for me. I get good little tidbits and nuggets on peeps far and wide and it feels good.
So, can we find you on FB???

Trish said...

The first few days on FB I really wasn't sure what the excitement was. I did some quizes, but wasn't impressed with those so much. It wasn't until I started connecting with people who I wouldn't have connected with otherwise that I started getting excited.

For me it's a great way to keep tabs on my teenager and her friends. It's also been interesting to look in on my friend's teenagers. I find out who's got a new tattoo or who went vegan or who is a super competitive computer game geek. It's been very interesting.

I agree that it's nothing like blogging. But I can read a quick update on my phone while in line at the grocery store when I wouldn't have time to read a blog post. And I appreciate the "like" button - I can give my approval of something without having to craft an actual comment.

I don't know that I would've enjoyed it as much a year ago as I do now. I hope you'll keep checking in there occasionally, it might grow on you - and if it doesn't we'll at least get a smile seeing you every now and then :-)

Andrea said...

Oh yes, I agree, it's vile. And yet I go there every day, like a bad habit. I can't bring myself to delete my account because I've connected with a number of wonderful people from my distant past who I would have lost forever otherwise. But on the other hand there are a bunch of people I have on there who I really wish I had never had to think about again. And also, people I thought were cool who turn out to be petty, mean, and annoying.

At least it made myspace redundant, so I managed to delete that. That's a positive.

Kelly said...

I adore FB because I've gotten back in touch with people I graduated with and now live 4000 miles from, long-lost friends from other countries, family I rarely talk to but still care about...the list goes on. Sure, it's not exciting, but it makes me feel like I live in a smaller world where I can keep track of the people I care about even if we don't always call/email.

Hawksbill said...

I completely agree with you. I was a little active on it for a week or two to see what all the fuss was about, but it just doesn't have enough... anything to make it worth looking at on a regular basis. I plan to keep my account just in the hopes that my best friend from elementary school will use it to find me, but other than that it seems pretty useless.

And don't get me started on "Twitter". I really can't wait until that thing finally dies a slow painful death. I knew it would not have long to live as soon as I heard that Senators and Congresspeople were using it during the inauguration to make themselves look "cool" to the young folk.

Jill said...

I don't "get" Facebook either. Just like I don't "get" Twitter. The layout is also weird. I am just used to Myspace, even though it is harder to find people on there since everyone has stupid cutesy nicknames like DuChEsS42069GURL.

Jonny B said...

Um, yeah. Exactly. That's why I spend SOOOO much time on there (can you hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice?). I personally like blogs MUCH better. For that very reason.

Kelley said...

Um, that last one was me. Sorry. I forgot I was using my husband's email account. (slinking away with a red face)

Elisabeth said...

It's a handy place to post pictures and videos. I don't have to e-mail them to a dozen people - they just check it out on Facebook. It's an easy way to keep on touch and see what other people are up to, without being invasive or demanding. I spend about 5 minuters every other day on Facebook...

Intertwined said...

I hated (and I mean HATTTED) Facebook until recently. I'm not sure what changed or even why I got back on there. But now it's an actual addiction. Bad news. Stay awaaaaay!

Housefairy said...

Ok, if you-all were my "friends" on there, it might get better. (Trish and Aine i love you but i want more cool folks than just two!)

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