Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wise Wednesday (In the vein of wordless Wednesday?)

  • People whose child gave them an easy time with something are often the know-it-alls.
  • People whose child gave them a difficult time with something are often the empathetic, sympathetic humble supports.
  • When a child tells you "I dont wanna go potty in a potty", believe them. Whether *it* is going to end up in a diaper, in character emblazened undies, or on the floor is up to you.
  • Many of the toddler issues that torment, terrify and frustrate the parents are resolved by age 4. By age 5 that number is almost 100%. Pacifiers, diapers, big kid bed, messy eating, odd sleep schedules, inability to use playground equipment without help, and so on. I think it is up to the parents to turn age 2 to 5 into a precious time or an anxious shameful time. (You'd think that some folks were actually angry they didnt give birth to little 6 year olds!)
  • Being 34 is completely different than I thought it would be. I have to slow down and spare out my energy and really think before I commit to something. The bonus of this is much more enriching and meaningful experiences, albeit less activity and spontaneity. (I have no idea if this is 34 or if this is life with 5 kids)
  • ONLY the caffeine in coffee works on me. I could drink 10 Cokes or 10 teas and go right to bed. (My ulcers come and go.)
  • In more than just fashion and music ways, I am still living in the late '90's: Now it is children's television that has passed me by--where the hell are Teletubbies, Maisy, Miffy, Kipper, Little Bear, Little Bill, Boobah and Blues Clues with Steve not that horrible Joe?
  • Take pictures and videos of your children. The more mundane, the better. This is not something you will get a second chance on.


Kneelingwoman said...

I think Maisy and Miffy are on Noggin. Everything else is gone for me. It's being 34 AND having 5 kids. I noticed the first inklings of "slow down" in my mid-thirties. I also noticed that I simply could not do without enough sleep without suffering for it. Attending births got to be more difficult for me over that single issue; the sleep deprivation was no longer something I just bounced back from. I remember driving to southern Indiana to do a birth when I was 32 and I thought nothing of being up 38 hours for the birth and then hopping in my van and driving for 10 hours to get home. I was tired, make no mistake. But I made it home, I took a long nap, ate a good meal and went to bed early and the next day; I was good to go. That would not happen now. I remember doing 3 births over Thanksgiving weekend one year and being a bit "giddy" but I would fall facefirst onto the bed for days if I tried a stunt like that now. Still, the slowing down is a good thing, all being equal; we notice so much more, and have more and a deeper energy for what matters.

AzĂșcar said...

Where are Kipper, Miffy, Little Bill, Boobah, and Blue's Clues with Steve? They're on my cable system's On Demand service. Not only do I get to pick what my kids are watching when I want them to watch it, but no commercials either.

I know, I just sounded like a commercial.

I'll do you one better: I recently rediscovered Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. It's still a fabulous show. I set my DVR to record all episodes and hoard them. The show is still softer, gentler, paced more gradually, and you really feel like he cares for the children he's communicating with--I still love Mr. Rogers!

Trish said...

We found Little Bear and Little Bill on Noggin. I think I see some of the other shows listed on Sprout, but we don't subscribe to that one.

I love what you say about the toddler years. I think it is SO true! Now that Ruthie is almost 5 I look back and realize that the time flew by way too quickly. She even washes her own hair (with just a little help) in the shower! Those few short years are over before you know it.

Kelley said...

Such wisdom, Joy. I find that I'm enjoying my younger kids more than I did the older ones because I know enough to slow down this time (yes, Joy, I AM moving much slower than I was 8 years ago. ;D ). Though those years are challenging I don't want to wish them away. They are too precious for that.

Andrea said...

So true, about pooping in the potty.

Intertwined said...

Amen. To all of it! Funny I should read this tonight. I've recently reconnected with an old friend (via FACEBOOK!!! hahahaahaaaa) who is starting out with her brand new first baby. She's stressing about napping and eating and sleeping and where and how and I just want to plant my hand firmly on her forehead and slow her the heck down. It's going to fly by and she'll look up and her baby girl will be wandering down the path towards the tween years like mine are! But, of course, that's something you have to learn for yourself with your first.

I am slowing down, too. 32 is here this year and I've noticed I'm a little different around the edges lately. I'm more true to myself and thankfully, on the computer much less and out living my life instead. I have Michelle to thank for that. ;)