Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Pink

My silly hair has gone from blasting blue to faded purple with some blondey parts and some mousy roots. As I am growing it long, I just need to keep it healthy and am happy to pull it into little poofy buns or pigtails for a year or more. I have to keep growing it to acheive my ultimate look of long (blue?) braids and maybe some kind of cool bangs option.

I have the 1/2 bottle of Blue Mayhem left, but just have been not able to bring myself to color my hair deep dark blue right now. It seems so dark! So I have been contemplating a new spring timey-color that would be no problemo with purple (remember, I am coating it with color, not damaging it with bleaches or anything) when the idea of hot pink came to my mind. Well, tonight I popped into the naughty adult punk swear word bumper sticker drag queen shoes or whatever store in our town on my way walking to the tea house (I have to laugh at the snotty looks the little black leather teens who work there tried to give me in my hippie skirt and ratty chucks, 2 purple buns and a diaper bag/backpack with Sanrio wallet falling out alongside carrots, a pacifier, black pepper, and a GameBoy!!! Stupid teens! You'll have a purse like this someday if you apply yourselves! Now gimme my Cherry Bomb hairdye and nobody gets hurt! And for heaven's sake go wash your faces! Dirty little fools. Who would let their kid work in an S+M store? Just kidding...Kind of.)

So I am going to go hot hot pink. As soon as humanly possible--tomorrow? Pics of course to come.


Kelley said...

Oooo, I can't wait!

I wonder what my husband would think if I did that. Hmmm.....

Trish said...

I'm just plain strawberry blonde right now, and I was thinking that spring was a pink hair time! I'd love to find a lovely lavender - I really liked the purple, but not so dark. I'm looking forward to seeing your pink.