Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We actually went to a mall! Very strange, but actually turned out fun

Eska was crying but when she saw the camera she grinned!
Sitting for a moment

Mandarin Duck in the nature store

Some $1200 Log couch that was so cool even tho it was so ridiculously priced

We spent 95% of our time in a nature/outdoorsy superstore. This is Casey in front of a fish that is in an enormous aquarium! So cool!

Exhausted but in a good way, once we got home. Eska was unusually fussy at the mall...she has never been to one and didnt appreciate it. Didnt care about the fishies or the ducks or any of it. She wants to nurse and crawl around the living room, thank you very much. All other activities have become suspect, even our old haunts such as the library. she bucks in the sling like its crushing her, so I take her out and she bucks in my arms like she wants to go on the floor then if I do or can put her on the floor, she cries to be picked up. Then if I pick her up, she bucks and twists so hard to get down that i have sore aching hands and the safety of the living room floor with the 2 baby gates and the familiar toys might be where its at right now, mostly. She also only likes the stroller if I can walk very fast, non stop. Thats ok!

We actually went to a mall! We never ever do that. We had ONE dollar and we decided to spend it on a McDonalds drink to share. More on that later...but heres a few pics!


Rixa said...

Malls are like a foreign country to me--kind of exciting, everything's so different, and not that often visited! Did you change your hair color to purple or is it just the light in the picture?

Kelley said...

It looks like you all had fun. Rachel is generally pretty good about going out, but we had to go out during her naptime this morning, and it was NOT pretty. Poor girl. She just cried by the end of it.

Eska is getting cuter by the day.

-little mad girl said...

i can't believe how beautiful you are! :)

Housefairy said...

Yikes thanks guys!!

My silly hair has washed out to purple with blondey parts. I havent had the time to re do the blue so am enjoying the purple for now.

Still totally growing it, so just letting it be for the most part!

Mere Mortal said...

Perfect little day with your perfect little family and perfect little smile.
Perfect. :)

Kneelingwoman said...

Too cute!