Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We have been sick for over a week now. Its a bad one, a real long lasting burning harsh hacking cough, dizziness, sore throat for days and days, congestion, exhaustion. Its a lot to take care of all thses sick folks. Charlie is super cross and I am trying trying trying to keep him calm and appeased so he doesnt go into coughing fits and get croupy. He resists the medicine, the drinks, the whole thing. He coughs all night and so does Eska. I am keeping charts of who has had what meds, which helps a lot.

Steve got this first, almost three weeks ago, and I made him go to the doctor who said it was a virus. Then I made him go back about 5 days later when he was much worse and they still said it was a virus. Charlie also had such a bad croup-attack Sunday evening that he went to the afterhours clinic who did prescribe him a steroid for his lungs. My point? This doesnt seem to be an antibiotic thing. Just a miserable cold. Another step backwards in our setting up of routines and healing and getting strong, but so be it.

We are doing what we can to stay amused and calm--we have started watching the Harry Potter movies over again while the little ones are napping (too scary) and doing our best to agree on tv shows or video games. I did get out a couple of night ago to go buy stuff for the pets and it was exhausting. We made some strong chicken garlic soup over the weekend...

Well, thats where Ive been! Its just a part of life, I only wish it wasnt upsetting Charlie so much, poor sweetie. Everyone else seems to be taking it in stride, a few moans and groans and a few crabbby moments....I think its hard to be 3. All of my kids had it kind of rough when they were three years old, a lot of misunderstandings and not "tantrums", but a lot of frustrations and crying/screaming to be perfectly honest.

Be back soon!


Kneelingwoman said...

It sounds exactly like what we had; I'm SO sorry. It was an exhausting ordeal at our house too. Mary did nothing but sleep and sip water for most of a week and I had no energy and too much to do...the good news is that when it starts to "go" it seems to vacate pretty swiftly. Is there anything I can do for you all? I'd be happy to bring dinner over or do some grocery shopping etc.? Bring you a nice Starbucks something or other in the afternoon to fortify your for the evening hours? Seriously...let me know. I'm making a ton of soup for the weekend and I'd be happy to make extra for you. Don't NOT ask....M.

Kneelingwoman said...

an added encouragement: It's your birthday this weekend so, if you need an "excuse" to let someone help you out...use that. Howsabout a gingerbread birthday cake? Hmmmm????

Kelley said...

Oooo, I'd take her up on that gingerbread birthday cake thing. Wow, that sounds awesome!

I'm glad we talked, and I hope you all get to feeling better soon. Once again, I wish I was close enough to help you with something.

And, Happy Early Birthday! How fabulous. I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

Love ya.

Elisabeth said...

I hear you on the cold. Even the viral ones can be super nasty. We've been sick since January
Myself- cold, 3 week cough, secondary sinus infection, antibiotics, yeast infection
2 year old son: 6 week cold, congestion, ear infection and secondary sinus infection, antibiotics
5 year old daughter: Lingering cold, bacterial ear infection needing antibiotics (we tried waiting it out)
Husband: Luckily nothing

Total cost for various Rx meds, home remedies, OTC meds, essential oils etc: 300$.

All while I'm pregnant and on bedrest and cannot be alone with the children. So we now avoid all sick people like the plague. Even for simple colds.

I have a nice sickness chart for keeping track of meds, temp, pee, poo, vomit etc. every time a kid is sick. The completed charts are kept in a binder. I'll send you the template if you like.
haircapmoss-chat at yahoo dot ca

-little mad girl said...

oh, you poor thing!! my family is not nearly as big as yours, but we got hit with a bug not long after our baby was born. so there i was, still healing from a 2nd degree tear and hemorrhoids and both me and my hubby were struck with something straight from the realms of hell. the baby was great, though. strange. i really hope everyone feels better soon! never underestimate the power of hot tea and honey! xoxo

Corin said...

Oh no...we're all sick here too! And so tired of it. It's been two weeks for us. Blah!