Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am 34 now!

Well, last Friday was my birthday and it was completely consumed by our trip to the doctor and specialist, etc. We ate Digiornos in exhausted silence at 8:30pm. I had been gone from noon until 6pm and then right back out to get prescriptions and the pizzas and the other otc medicines from the grocery store....

Saturday was better, even though Steve had to work, when he got home he took the less sick kids out to get me a present--and they got me great ones! A huge box of assorted dark chocolates (YUM DARK CHOCOLATE) and a cord to hook my electric guitar up to my amp. And 8 cool picks to play the guitar with. And new strings to re-string the guitar! SO COOL!

I am not really in a position to be playing guitar right now too much, but the idea that it is there for me makes me feel great. They also baked me a cake and it was really, really good. Darkest chocolate with darkest chocolate frosting. We ate in in a day. I miss it and want it to come back!

The antibiotics are helping the kids alot but they are still weak coughing and cross. It also has been SNOWY so thats normal but rather limits taking the sickies on a little sunny walk.

Soon soon.


Rixa said...

Happy 34th! You are such a young mama. I always wanted to have all my kids by time I was in my early 30s...well so much for that! LOL

Kelley said...

Happy birthday, dear Joy! I'm sorry the day itself wasn't fabulous, but it sounds like that chocolate cake more than made up for it. ;)

-little mad girl said...

happy birthday!! my hubby's about to turn 35. he said 34 was his best year yet! :):)