Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Well, my dears, Eskarina is WALKING! Yes, at 11 1/2 months, she and Casey were our only babies to walk before 14 months! she is also CLIMBING, big time, and we have had to practically empty our living room of almost everything! No more computer--she pulls it down onto her head. no more fish tank, she climbs onto and practically into it. No more cat scratch post, side table, or children's table. no more dollhouse. it looks very plain in here and now it is safe and BORING.
Homeschool Park Day is going wonderfully, every week homechoolers from our county come to our park and spend the afternoon together! My idea is a smash success and there has been no problem whatsoever with opening our house up for bathroom usage, never even thought for a moment that there would be. So far I have been super cleaning it and for me it feels nice to have a tidy house for the high traffic in and out day, but I have gotten a few kind spirited but a little curious comments to the effect of my clean house making others feel like their house is "a disaster" ---its just so ironic and funny to me, my \whole life of thinking we were the filthy slobs, the unorganized, unmotivated losers of the housekeeping world, somehow making other people feel badly about their homes! I didnt mean to do that! Its just that by noon, I get it nice in here. They wouldnt recognize the place at 10 am...thats how tiny this place is, but it is also easy to clean. We worked very hard to make this a place that was just that, so I guess its a success? For us, not putting everything in some forgotten bedroom is a success---we just dont have any hiding places so we have to deal with messes and clutter right head on. Its hard but simple. It works for us.
I bleached out my fuschia hair and will not be going pink ever again. It is bright bleach-blond now with pale pink ends. I dont know what I will do now. I really wish I had cooler clothes--just a few key items, and I wouldnt feel so freaked out about hair. I never know what to wear in the summer, I never have! Even if I had the dream body whatever the hell that means, skimpy is just not for me. I dont wanna see your upper thighs and you arent seeing mine. I dont even like upper arms and armpits flying out--I guess you could say i am verrrrry into tshirts for all! Jeans or jean capris, or spinny skirts. Everything else bugs me. **I would also include dresses, i love dresses but my dream dress only exists in my mind and I cant find the real deal to save my life. Bought 2 at Target 2 years ago but they just are not cut for 6 foot 1. (Why would they be?) The dumb waist was across my chest and all bunchy and gross....but I do have dreams of great shirt-dress with chucks and maybe a turquoise ponytail....I really want pastel hair but its hard to get to take---pale blue and pale pink together would be de-lovely.
Someday there will be enough money for my personal style. Its not very important right now. We are having a good late spring, going to a parade tomorrow morning and then visiting family. Enjoy the long weekend!

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Kelley said...

It all sounds lovely. Why did you not like the pink? I thought you looked wonderful.

Eska is walking already?!?! She must really be wanting to keep up with her siblings. Rachel is still scooting around on the floor, but she did manage to pull up for the first time last week.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Joy!

Lots of love,