Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I know Wednesday

  • Its just too weird to call yourself wise. So I changed my weekly thing to What-I-Know-Wednesday. Some monikers need to be bestowed from an outside party, only.
  • If you have pink hair, sunscreen is no longer OPTIONAL (!!!)
  • Coffee from home tastes sick. The money I could theoretically spend on nice coffee equipment seems to want to just be spent on yummy coffees.
  • I drink house coffee out of some sad hopeful habit. At best it gives me the shakes and an ulcer. At worst it makes me nauseous and irritable.
  • Given an actual dirt pit and a few "tools", (and make sure it does not seem all mommy-approved as in "heres your fun dirt pit, sweety!"), my 2 little boys have been completely outdoors everyday all day since Saturday.
  • I officially put all kinds of kid shoes in the washing machine. Crocs, rainboots, converse, suede and mesh velcro shoes...I dont know what my shoe washing kick is, but it seems like with whats going on around my home and life right now, these muddy clompers have to get washed, every night.
  • If I dont completely wash my face before bed, I look like some dingy shadowy dirty horrid rock-dawg the entire next day. Its like the makeup stains my face and cannot be properly removed in the morning.
  • Oak trees gets their leaves sooooo slowly! They crack me up, the lazy things! The entire world of maples, birch, beech is in almost full leaf, the crabapples have flowered and are almost past peak, and here is the mighty oak with these itty bitty leaf-buds! i love everything about oak trees, I am literally a tree-geek. Of all our homes we have lived in, we finally have a huge oak -bam-right in the center of the front yard. Ahhhh---but I dont know what kind of oak it is! I suck! I must find out ASAP! : )
  • Everybody on tv officially has gone off the deep end with the teeth-whitening. When every person you meet in real life starts to look like "they could use some white strips", its a problem. What on Earth will be next? What freakish thing will soon start to look "normal" to us, and will capitalism ever, ever ever be vanquished? Do any of us really know how much money there is in selling us insecurity? Have you seen the new thing where every woman (on tv) seems to be getting the line between her nose and mouth "filled in"? Its worse than the botox-ed eyebrows, it really makes the face look like something is missing! I hate it all so much!
  • A big part of me really truly believes in "jinx". This comes out the strongest when the Red Wings are in the playoffs. I have been known to get my old Detroit jersey out of the hamper no matter how dirty it was when the game was on. One time it was too dirty to wear so I just sat in next to me on the couch. The Wings lost, andI knew it was my fault, if only a little.
  • I had my first strong twinge of "Oh my god we really are not going to ever have another baby!!!!!!!!" last night and so we decided that when Eska is about 2 1/2 or 3 is when we will get that dog we have been talking about forever.
  • I have no idea if diet or exercise is better, but I have failed miserably at both of them and really am starting to feel like "it is time". (It takes me a long time after I have a baby to be able to deal with this. I have some eating disorder stuff in my past, nothing too dramatic, but just put it this way-- I was "on a diet" last Monday for about 6 hours and it sent me into a lunatic eating attack! I guess I have some old panicky stuff about "Im gonna starve!" and I lose my mind.
  • Another reason why this house is so, so wonderful is one that Greta revealed to me last night as we chatted on the way home from Girl Scouts: There are no weird or scary things about it. No crusty dingy mysterious "scary" spaces whatsoever. Even the little pull-down ladder to the attic seems very simple and plain (although we did both admit to having no desire to go up there, we are happy that Daddy has the xmas stuff and some stuff up there).
  • There is just NO substitute for real Sudafed (pseudoephedrine).
  • As darling as rainbow leggings, crisp khakis, and little blue jeans are, there is just no substitute for black or brown pants if you want little kids to ever have any hope of appearing "clean". (Do just mine need to crawl in actual soil from April til November?)


Kelley said...

I'll call all that wisdom because it is all so true. So, I take it that you've learned from experience that sunscreen is required with pink hair. ;)

I agree about the diet stuff. Honestly, I don't think I could ever go "on a diet." When I think about changing what I eat, I think about not eating so much ice-cream and piling a few more vegetables on my plate, but not eliminating food. NO WAY! I am actively trying to reduce the amount of sugar I eat, but that's just because my body is no longer happy with the junk I've been putting in it.

I need to throw my kids' crocs in the washer TODAY! They all look awful. :)

Good stuff, Joy. Keep it coming!

Sgt Howie said...

For coffeehouse-quality brew on a budget, I grind my own coffee beans. It only takes a second and the coffee you get is just so much better than pre-ground it doesn't even compare.

Intertwined said...

Coffee: yesyesyes

Kids crawling in dirt: yesyesyes

Feeling sad about never having another baby: yesyesyes

I need to wash our shoes...

Thomasin said...

I like this new Wednesday feature!

Dirt pits--hey, even I like a good dirt pit occasionally. Hope they boys are enjoying the freedom (not something they could do during the day if they were in public school).

Coffee--there's something about coffee that other people make. The stuff my husband makes? Decent. At the office? Meh. But in the coffee shops? Fabuloso! It's insane to pay > $5 for some coffee beans, sugar and water, but it's SO GOOD!

Excersize (however you spell that. It's my worst spelling word) is so much preferable to insane dieting. The trick is to start doing something you love that involves movement. I like the elliptical machine. But I've always liked the idea of being a runner. However, anytime I try and start a running schedule, I fail fail fail. I don't actually like to run, just the idea of being a runner. ;-) I should stick to the unromantic elliptical. At least that I can do regularly.

Kneelingwoman said...

Well...I think you're wise and I think it's o.k. to declare oneself wise if we agree that the core of wisdom is self-knowledge and the ability to know not so much what one does know...but what one DOESN'T! Humility leads us to seek after more knowledge and our knowledge combined with our life experience begets wisdom.