Monday, March 31, 2008

the latest

My one hour glucose test was bad. I have to go in for the three hour tomorrow. I am getting a glucometer and will finish out the rest of this pregnancy as a "Diabetic". I will be testing my blood sugar every 2 hours and following a new diet. I hope this results in a smaller baby that I am able to give birth to without surgery. I am not sad or happy, really just looking forward to being proactive in this turn of events.

Last week of bartending, also super cool. It is tremendously difficult to sit on a weird high stool or stand all night, let alone to serve the drinks. I have to get each beer, pop, juice, tonic, club soda, wine and water out of a fridge that is about as high as my knees, and with my pelvic bone condition, squatting is out of the question so I either have to get down on the actual grimey floor, or just bend bend bend way down while trying not to emit a horrible groan.

I can barely, barely walk out of there when my shift is done. I am supossed to "fast" tonight starting at 7:30 pm, but we'll see. If they are going to treat me as Diabetic anyhow, which they are, then I flat out will not get myself into a situation where I am vomiting up bile all morning, trying to drive to the hospital for this test after 5 hours of sleep. (remember when I shared with y'all that this fifth pregnancy has blessed me with the inability to puke without peeing everywhere? Yeah...I'm lovin it)


Anonymous said...


Make sure you ask to know what the actual numbers are from the 3 hr test so that you can decide how serious your situation is yourself.

Sugar testing every 2 hrs, and this prescribed even before the 3 hr...yikes. Was your screening test really THAT bad? In my area, it takes a value over 140 to get sent for the 3 hr.

Hugs again!


Rixa said...

Ugh, I hope your GTT goes okay and that there is no puking/peeing involved! In your case, I guess it can be a useful tool (once it's over!). So if you do "fail" (hate that word) the 3 hour test, what's next? Diet modification? (Which isn't a bad idea anyway, for all pregnant women) Constant checking of your blood sugar levels? (No fun!)

Joy said...

It was 196. I dont see why I need to take the 3 hour when they are talking like I am going to do this diet modification anyhow, but I dont want to get "risked out" or cause trouble. I do see it as a useful tool and am looking forward to seeing what the new diet will bring. If I was upset about it I would refuse, etc, but I am not. I am looking at it as personal knowledge and not failure, etc. There is boatloads of diabetes in my family and I definately dont want this to be a lingering thing.

Judit said...

Wow, you've got some answers, and an action plan. Beats having your head in the sand for sure! :)
Hey, your description of getting drinks out of your work fridge actually gave me pregnancy flashbacks. So I'm with you. It can't be fun. Take good care! (I know you are.)