Monday, March 24, 2008

OB visits, so lame but whatever.

Tomorrow morning I go to the OB to do my glucose tolerance screen thingy. The doc himself admitted it is a flawed and somewhat useless test, but since he and I and Kneelingwoman are all in curious pursuit of why my babies were SO large, I am ok with this.

I have to drink the crap at 8:45 exactly and they will draw my blood at 9:45 exactly. At 9:46 I plan to shove some kind of delicious thingy into my mouth that I will bring in my purse. I asked them how long I had to fast for and they said "no food after midnight"---I then asked what is the exact hour length and they said 8 hours---so I am most likely going to eat some pure protein at 12:45 am since unfortunately I will still be awake getting home from work. I am thinking a chunk of cheese and some almonds or something.

I think it is a regular prenatal visit, too, but these aren't very exciting. My prenatals with Kneelingwoman are, and those are helpful, informational, wonderful growing experiences for me and my husband and invaluable. At the OB, they don't even feel your belly. They take hearttones but the baby dear moves all the time so I know she is alive, sorry to be so blunt. (Plus I have a doppler and gel in my kitchen right now) they take my blood pressure which is always nice and low, but so does kneelingwoman. they weigh me which is lame, and they don't even test my pee(?!) They also don't measure my fundal height which Kneelingwoman does. She also talks to my baby a bit which is adorable and wondrous but I am glad Dr-Guy doesn't do that, haha it would be weird I think.

I will never forget my very first phone consultation, if you want to call it that, with Kneelingwoman 5 years ago. She told me her focus was Emotions and Nutrition. I just remember being so struck with that, Emotions and Nutrition. The very two things they never ever dealt with at the Ob, certainly not in the experiences of my first 2 pregnancies. Emotions and Nutrition?!, why that sounds positively intelligent and loving and whole and logical and sound. And I was sold on midwifery from that moment on.

So, wish me luck as I don't want to puke up my Orange syrup tomorrow, I think I will be fine. I feel that this test is bad for the baby, but she will be ok. Does anyone know if they are going to also not let me eat until after the results, or can I actually cram in my egg biscuit at 9:46?

and I SWEAR i will take and post some pics in a day or so...need to clear off my camera...


Maiasaura said...

Okay, maybe I'm weird, but I always thought the glucose test stuff was kind of tasty. Like orange soda. Am I the only one?

Hope you get some good information from your test, Joy.

mm said...

I threw up the orange goo... three times. Needless to say, they gave up when I was finally hospitalized for the incessant vomiting.
I never did that test again.
Good luck tomorrow.
I hope you get the answers you are seeking.

Judit said...

1. poo-poo, orange goo.
2. Wha?? no dipstick? Too low-tech?
Hope your GTT went well, and that it will put the glucose case to rest once and for all!

Trish said...

I skipped the flawed GTT and just used a glucometer to test my sugar 2 hours after eating - after every meal and snack for 3 days. (There's a strong history of diabetes in my family, and I wasn't willing to play around with the idea that I could develop it and not know!)
It showed that my sugar did indeed stay elevated - and I adjusted my diet accordingly. Of course, this necessitated my testing and recording my sugar almost every 3 hours throughout my whole pregnancy. It was interesting to find that some foods (like pizza) raised my sugar and held it high while other foods (almond butter and jelly or even ice cream) were a fine choice for my sugar!

Anyway, my fingers were sore by the end of the pregnancy - but the baby was a healthy size and I even lost some weight! Most important, the baby's sugar was stable when she was born. This was what scared me - a sugar crash for the baby!

Anyway, good luck! I hope your tummy makes it through the test (I got sick from that orange crap too).

Corin said...

Good luck tommorrow Joy! Sorry you have to shove that orange guppy stuff down your throat. BLAAAAAAH...

CNH said...

The orange one isn't nearly as gross as the cola one. And the one hour test isn't nearly as gross as the three hour.


I had OB back up for my UC and it was the most ridiculous thing. To walk in there and get less care than I was giving myself and yet be accused of putting my baby at risk. @@

Kelley said...


Jennifer said...

This made me cry.

"I have experienced exactly what it is to have people avoid you, avoid calling you, avoid dropping in on you, kick you out of their club, their internet group, the Cool Clique, because your current pain kinda clashes with their happy plans that day. It SUCKS, and it takes a long, long time to heal from."

I am in this place and does hurt. And it does take a long time to heal from. Thanks, the tears needed to be released.