Friday, March 14, 2008

Special finds

When I started havin babies, in the grand ole days of 1997 (ha!) there were SO many less options than there are now. My eternal quests for tall maternity clothes, nursing bras above C-cup that werent freaky triangle grandma boob shaped, and wishing that super comfy shoes were in style or even available in size 11 (I was a 10 back then still) all went unfulfilled....

But now, my goodness, if you have the money or the internet access, those horrific trips to the nightmarish mall are over. Here are some of my latest finds.

Tall Maternity stuff. A very small website with just some basics, but lemme tell ya, when you have panel-pants on, noone wants to see that hangin out. I played that 4 times and now I have nice stylish black and white tshirts to save me from that whole scene. I no longer tug and pull at my bottom of my shirt all day like a freak with a twitch. I am an 18 and ordered the XL. It is form fitting which is much more flattering than some big tent. Very cool for wanting to look truly pregnant and not just big.

Smooth cup big supportive nursing bras.
Still More
Even more

The very shoes I scoffed at a bit ago, the Crocs, well, I found them in a little hipper style. Mary Jane, and "Troika". they came in 11 and I get it now, boy do I get it. Sometimes trendy is for a reason, bless all the kids for making some weird gardening shoe publicly acceptable! COMFY, even for standing up bartending for 6 hours while 6 months pregnant after 13 hours with the kids all day!

For those of you who are not rich and do not want to wear looney toons with an arrow or a clever phrase or ruffles or empire waist, Old Navy has maternity stuff and the jeans come in tall. Some of it is gross of course but some of it is really cute and they have $5 shipping and an extremely lenient return policy. Remembering the theme was "I dont wanna take the 4 kids to the store and I dont have a car anyhow most days and I work most nights", the online angle was huge for me.

Hope these links help someone who hates to look like a pointy dorky 1980's lunchlady just because she has a cool baby on the way or in her life.

Also, I just wanted to say that I HATE Motherwear. Well, I love them but I hate their clothes. Their nursing clothes are miniature and the shirts are cropped and if you order a bigger size they just get wider and wider and w--i--d--e--r.
If you are over five foot four forget it. Such a shame.

Please share any prego or nursing stuff you love or loved that was kind of hard to find!


Judit said...

Nothing glamorous here, but cheap nursing tank tops! Like, not $40, so I could buy a bunch at once. I just think I'm so clever to have found Target's Gilligan & O'Malley® Nursing Tank for $16.99 at I'm wearing XL (like, right now as we speak I'm wearing one even though I don't bf any more, because it's still my only cami that is long enough that it stays tucked into my low rise pants and it certainly had good postpartum belly coverage if YKWIM) They do go up to XXL... I don't know if they'd fit you Joy but I wanted to share anyway!

Joy said...

Ooooh do I love Target! Thanks for sharing, the belly coverage is what we all want anyways, forget the bra part1 :) super cool!

CNH said...

And if you're pregnant with twins, Target has some adorable spring short sleeve shirts in LONG length to cover the ever expanding belly that is just freakishly large (40cm at 28 weeks). I am a medium and had to size up to XL to fit the tummy, so if you're already over a XL it won't work (I think they stop at XXXL). Cheap! $12.99 per top! I heart Target! said...

Great links, Joy. Thanks. I also like the Target tanks, though I cut out the "bra" part since my boobs are too big to really make it fit. Therefore, it's not supportive, but a great layer and house top.

Joy said...

Unfortunately none of those bra-tanks work for me, either, with just a little sling thing inside of them, that doesnt work for a bra for larger boobs...but I know lots of folks like them and it is cool that they are long!

Jill said...

My all-time favorite pair of maternity jeans are by Juicy, I was lucky enough to discover them at a thrift store for a few bucks. They actually fit like REAL jeans, not all weird and poofy and saggy in the wrong places. They are medium and it's a REAL medium, not "you wore medium before you got pregnant and must have gained 50 lbs. by now" version of medium like most maternity companies.

I will be trying out the nursing tank thing for the first time but as far as nursing bras go, I luff Japanese Weekend and wish they didn't cost so much. I've been trying to catch them on Ebay for cheap.

pearly1979 said...
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