Wednesday, June 10, 2009

six eleven

Happy Birthday, Eska-Angel!

Doing this project (blogger photo uploading is theraputically slow, eh!) destoyed by ability to even feel remotely depressed tonight. Incredible year, incredible baby, isnt photography one of the most amazing inventions ever?
Love all 'round...


Judit said...

Wow, she is an awesome little girlie!! Soooo big! All in one year... love back to you all!

Jill said...

Woooooow, is she seriously one ALREADY!?? That's insanity! And it also means that my baby will be one soon....SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!

Kelley said...

What a year! And it's over already! She is so very, very beautiful, Joy. I think she looks a lot like Greta. How did this day come SOOOO fast? I think I'm in shock.

I love your idea of doing a year in pictures for the birthday post. I'll do the same for Rachel. So much has happened in this last year!

Wouldn't it be fun if we could find a way to get these birthday twins together some time?

Happy birthday, Eska!

And congratulations on making it through the year, Joy. It's not been easy on you.

Love you!

Trish said...

She is such a sweet little darling. I cannot believe how fast she is growing!!!
It seriously does not seem like a whole year has gone by (and yet that day seems about a hundred years away) - time is amazing.
Give her a big smooch from me :-)
love ya!

Corin said...

Already a year???!!! Wow, that flew by. She is so amazingly beautiful. Happy Birthday Eska!

Aine said...

AWww HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love the pictures, I've been wanting to see some new ones of her for awhile now, makes me want another girl and I have a two week old boy, ha!

Barbnocity said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Eskarina!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Alexandra said...

She's so charming! What a beautiful, beautiful girl. Congratulations on a year with her.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful baby, beautiful Mama! I can't believe it's been a year already!

I'm sorry you have PPD. No fun. I had PTSD related to my births and did medication for 1.5 years. IT HELPS A LOT.

You might want to check your local parks department, school district, and YMCA for day camps for your boys. These are usually very very cheap, and sometimes free if you get a financial hardship acceptance (and it is easy, and was processed rapidly...we did one for the YMCA). It could really occupy them and free you up as well. My 12 year old brother goes to a summer school district program that is most of the day and is $10 a week (and includes lunch). He loves it. They go swimming, play soccer and chess and stuff.

Hope that helps,

Rixa said...

Wow, already a year old? Crazy!