Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday (still not wise but wishing)

My wish list right now:

  • Wellbutrin and Xanax so I can be stable and kind and patient.
  • Cloth diapers so my babies can be in softness so the Earth can be free of our nasty diapers so we can save money and so I can feel nice about things and so Charlie will try the potty! (I am convinced this super sta-dri stuff makes them not give a damn)
  • the parenting tools to help my little Casey and Charlie without yelling when they get so wound up I think they might spin right out the front door in a whirlwind of broken glass
  • a place for them to go a few mornings a week
  • bicycles for Greta and Mickey, a bike for me with a baby trailer and helmets all 'round.
  • a little swimming pool
  • reconnection with Greta and Mickey before its too late
  • enough money to have basic needs met. like pay the rent, the utilities and have food. Yes its that bad right now.
  • some kind of way back to the parenting and mothering I used to be all about--minus the regret and guilt and sadness, please. (I cant even look at the Charlotte Mason books on the shelf without searing choking tears and shutting throat and heart palpitations--can there be PTSD for failed homeschool dreamers?)
  • a miracle cure for my mom who is dying and help for my grandmother who is being abused and neglected and robbed


Elisabeth said...

****Hugs across the cybermiles***

Peggy said...

Continuing prayers for you and your family.

Kelley said...

I wish I could make it all better for you, and I want to echo what your other commenters have said. I will keep you in my prayers, Joy. I really will.

Anonymous said...

Joy, I have been reading your blog for a while now , i may have even commented once or twice. I have Super sized pre-fold cloth diapers and covers in good shape. Can I send then to you for free? My e-mail address is You can friend me on facebook if you like. Erin Lesh

I have recently started taking some meds for anxiety and sleeplessness and they have helped me immensely. I hope you can get the relief you need.


Housefairy said...

Erin! I am emailing you right now...

Thanks everyone. I love you so much.